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Thread: PLEASE HELP ME... Terrible Situation:/ Outed... ):

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    Default PLEASE HELP ME... Terrible Situation:/ Outed... ):

    Okay guys I live in a small town of about 10,000 where word of everything gets out fast. So basically, me and my girlfriend quit doing drugs a year or so back and we have been pretty much loners since. Because of this fact, I usually don't care about leaving a porn search engine open, or diapers laying around:/ You can get the point of where this story is going.

    One of my girl's friends was over today, much to my dismay as it was the one day I left a diaper in the garbage in plain sight in my kitchen and a diaper tumblr page open on my computer. I get home from work and my girlfriend says, "You need to hide your stuff better." and explains to me that her friend asked her about the computer page that was left up, my girl covered it pretty good and said that the downloading website we use always makes weird shit pop up. She dropped it after that but did throw away a pack of cigarettes in my garbage can..

    So as you might imagine, I am freaking out right now. If this girl knows, the whole town knows. It's not like I can leave the town in shame either because I am stuck here on probation. Granted, most people don't pay much attention to others garbages, and even if she did see it she may not have understood what it was (Most people don't have a clue what a diaper fetish is) And my girl said she did believe the popup thing.. Plus those two did smoke some weed afterwards and this girl got really high on some spice right afterwards...

    Would you guys be worried about it or just think that people may not pay much attention? Do you think her getting high and having a fun time afterwards may have hindered her memory? Would you reach out to this person and ask if they saw? My mind is taking me to terrible places right now. :/ This is not spam I am 20 years old from a small town in Montana. And i don't think I'll get much for sleep tonight.


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    Don't worry about it. Like your gf said, hide things better next time.

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    You had a very fortunate break cut for you. Simply don't worry about it, but learn from it; you'll be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyboyinmt View Post
    [...] stuck here on probation [...] this girl got really high on some spice right afterwards...

    Would you guys be worried about it [...]
    Yes... 'spice' is crazy...

    However, you should be able to sleep fine yourself... I don't think your visitor was all that concerned about your porn, and probably didn't examine your trash...

    As a former small towner myself... I know that stuff gets around... and that most people don't care... chill...


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    So you're an ex drug user on probation in a town that has no secrets?

    I'd have thought the reaction of people who get to hear about your fetish will say "at least it's not drugs/at least he's not breaking laws"

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    Yeah, drugs are kinda you know MUCH worse then wearing diapers. At worst they'll likely think "damn, drugs wrecked their body so hard they need diapers now."

    And that's if the other people tells the rest of the town or whatever. Plus, you're the one leaving stuff in plain sight and now your surprised when people find it?

    Not to mention if you truly are loners, what do you care what they think anyways?

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    One contradictory said you and your girlfriend quit doing drugs, but then later you said your girlfriend was smoking weed with this other girl. Do you not consider marijuana a drug? Most states do. Sounds like you need to disassociate yourself from people such as this. Perhaps the diaper issue is God's way of telling you that. Just a thought.

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    I appreciate those who tried to help. As for the rest of you, didn't know someone in a diaper could be so judgemental:p oh well! I guess no community is short of a couple rude people

    - - - Updated - - -

    We aren't total loners just don't have people in our home that often? It is small. As for the judgement on drugs that is funny to me. I've been sober a year from everything and for my age that is more than most can say. I'm self sufficient and have a good paying job. Forgive me for asking a community I trust for help. And forgive me for having issues in the past, you must all be scintillating model citizens:p

    - - - Updated - - -

    I mis typed, my girlfriend still hangs out with people who smoke. Where I'm from, she wouldn't have much for friends if she didn't. . We just quit being around the ones who pressured us to do it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I mis typed, my girlfriend still hangs out with people who smoke. Where I'm from, she wouldn't have much for friends if she didn't. . We just quit being around the ones who pressured us to do it.

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    It's unlikely this gets passed around - most people do not go through life gossiping to all of the neighbors about everything out of place in other people's homes. Beyond that, this person was over there for reasons that she shouldn't have been, and while people can be dumb, most are wise enough to be discrete under such circumstances.

    You've got a bigger problem though: you're on probation and you're still putting yourself in the presence of illegal drugs and druggies, and a year after quitting. That's far more likely to end badly for you and the consequences are far worse.

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    Hi and welcome to adisc, which is a support community. But it takes a while to get to understand how people respond here. I don't think there's as much judgment in the responses as you heard. I hear more concern for you and hope you can keep yourself out of legal and addiction trouble. That being said, let me respond to your original post.

    I am with you and totally understand your fear of being found out. I fear that if one person knows about my being a DL it means everyone will know and I'll be publicly humiliated. If you look around the posts here, you'll see a number of people who trusted someone enough to tell them, usually an SO, and then after a breakup realize how vulnerable they are to being outed as you call it. Panic sets in when we know we've done something that might let the cat out of the bag as they say. No one here can put that cat back in the bag for you. But it sounds as if your gf did the best that could be done in the circumstances. I'm not sure how obvious your diaper in the trash was, but I agree with the others that it's unlikely she would have noticed what it was. It might be obvious to you but the friend wouldn't examine your trash closely enough to notice. In the future, though, I might suggest you be sure to role it up or fold it so that it looks like a ball of plastic or something. Don't leave it open looking like a used diaper.

    So, after the panic subsides a bit (unfortunately that takes time and a sleepless night), try and relax. But if word does get out, feel free to come back here and ask for how others handled it when that were found out.

    And since this was your first post, could you go and introduce yourself in the introduction forum so we can get to know you as a whole person? When others see you with interests like themselves, they can be much more empathetic. Again, welcome!

    I have learned you did do an introduction back in July. I joined at the end of July and must have missed it. Sorry about that.
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