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    I remember once traveling by car with two of my friends, we stayed at hotels and we were headed to Texas to go fishing. I was able to hide the fact I wore diapers at night.

    I remember finally getting to Texas and staying with a friend of my friends, we drank all night and I got eaten by mosquitos. Somehow the conversation lead to the friend of my friends talking about a friend that had made a bunch of money because he had a semi truck full of adult diapers and was selling them to freaks on ebay that like to pretend they were babies... I faked a laugh, and the conversation changed but damn... later I had to find privacy to put a diaper on, before I fell asleep, beer and sleep is a disaster without a diaper.

    The whole trip was kinda awkward, my friends didn't really know I wore diapers, eventually I think they figured it out after being around me long enough, of course they just thought I needed them, not that I secretly like feeling little.

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    Wow, what are the odds that they would be the ones to make the delivery for that stuff.

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    Once at a party that my band played, these 2 drunk women in their mid to late 40s asked me how old I was and when I told them they laughed and one of them said "He's a baby! Do you need a diaper change?" I laughed but what she didn't know is that I really was in need of a diaper change and was about to go do just that.

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