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    So I'm a person, not a robot, in case you couldn't tell. Although of course, that's what a robot might say. But I'm not one, at least that I know of.

    So I used to be on this other site but some of the people were a bit frightening and they sort of scared me away. They were too full on and they were asking me to do things when I'd only just started talking to them or rather they had only just started talking to ME. For example, this one person asked me to visit him ten minutes after we'd started talking and another asked if they could come and visit me. That frightened me away.

    So I haven't been into diapers that long (I'm from the UK where we call them "nappies" but I don't like that word) because I didn't really think about the benefits of them over just using your pants, but only a few months after starting to use them for "fun" I guess, I was caught up in an accident that caused me to become incontinent, both kinds. I'm not going into detail about it but it damaged nerves and no one can seem to fix them.
    I should like to point out now that I'm NOT an AB and am not into that side of the AB/DL lifestyle, though I respect people who are. Nor am I a mommy figure, like some people on that other site tried to make me into. The only mommying I do is to me actual biological daughter.

    So anyway, I'm 21, an art school drop out, married (will be 3 months married in 4 days) and I travel. I like books and pretty dresses and cosplaying. I make lame jokes like "NO I'M NOT!" when someone says "hi" out loud to me since hi and high sound the same and I like climbing on call people so I can feel tall because I'm short. Oh, and don't get me angry because I WILL bite you. Ask my husband.

    Anywayyyy, that's me, so baiiiiii!

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    Hello meowmeowwza and welcome to the group.

    I hope that you find we are very friendly here and do not tolerate people that are not nice.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Hey there! Welcome! There are plenty of people who aren't really in the AB/DL scene here, and people are pretty respectful of that ^w^ I hope to see you around!

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    Hai. Welcome. new here myself, and not into ABDL either. You sound real cool and I'm sure you'll like it here. no one's done or said nothing bad, and i feel safe here. hoep you do too

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    welcome to the forums,

    You are absolutely in the right place! We pride ourselves on being a support group and there are not many people here who you will get on well with. We have a wide range of people with their own mixture of "interests". We take people as we find them and certainly do not tolerate disrespectful behaviour.

    Have a good root around the forums and join in where you wish.

    For now, welcome, and I look forward to your contribution.


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