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Thread: Goodbye Circuit City

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    Default Goodbye Circuit City

    Well, if you haven't heard it yet, Circuit City is officially going out of business. While I never shopped there much, it starts to put into perspective what's going on in the economy.

    While I couldn't relate so much to huge banks failing.. I never dealt directly with any of them.. it's much easier to relate to this. I've been there, bought things there, and even applied for a job there. It'll certainly be strange to have it closed. And with it, there go a few thousand jobs.

    Dunno, just my thoughts.

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    The one in my city left a little while ago...It didn't help that a Best Buy was pretty close...And the Circuit City was in a hidden-like location...Plus it was never crowded and their employees are assholes

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    Damn it, and all I have are Best Buy cards..

    I might go to my nearest Circuit City to see what's up..

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    I'm collecting unemployment due to a seasonal lay-off. I've listed Circuit City as one of my job contacts last week. May go and try to get a deal on a new PC laptop though. Looks like the economy is headed toward depression, which will be devastating, Manufacturers will be selling their inventory at cut rate prices then there will be shortages lowering quality of goods due to lack of manufacturing.

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    All I know is my experience with Best Buy sucked so I'm sad to see CC go out of business as I've never used them for anything.

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    My son worked for CC for several months and has friends still employed there, some still with school age children. He feels pretty bad for them because it's going to be much harder for them to find an equivalent retail job with the economy the way it is.

    I understand the Canada CC outlets are still in limbo. Sounds like CC is trying to find a buyer who will operate at least some of those stores. Canada has about 200 more stores than the US, so the layoffs will be even higher than for the US stores.


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    I wanted a Satellite radio and went to Circuit City. I bought it there and had XM Radio installed in my truck almost 4 years ago. I just had it in recently because it quit working and it was a blown fuse. They troubleshot it and fixed it for free. I will miss that kind of service in the future.

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    I never liked their tech service and they sold stuff for way more than you could get it online. When I built this computer I went from store-to-store looking for RAM, and they had DDR1 1GB for 99 bucks. Forget that! And their stupid FireDog or whatever it's called was a scam too. Cashing in on people who don't know anything about computers... I didn't like that much either. Still, it's sad that all of those people are losing their jobs.

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    I used to work at Sears, which will probably be the next store to go if one does go. It was pretty clear to us that Circuit City was going under about a year ago. It does speak to the economic times, but also I think the ideology shift that is the internet. Department stores pale in comparison to the possibility of getting things online.

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    I have no idea, but when I think of Circuit City I think of Radio Shack.

    I guess times are really rough

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