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Thread: Are we lazy?

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    Default Are we lazy?

    I thought this would be fun.

    I like peeing in my diaper so I call myself lazy for it because it is the literal term for it and I like to say things the way it is. But for poop, since I have to stop what I am doing and get up just to poop in my diaper, I am not lazy at all. But if I did it sitting, then I would be lazy. But not everyone calls themselves lazy for using their diaper when it's not medical.

    Are you lazy?

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    On the contrary, I do homework while diapered and I find myself more productive. Getting up and going to the bathroom to pee may seem less lazy but it can also be a form of procrastination. Especially for us girls, we can't go to the bathroom without also wasting time in front of the mirror. :P

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    We aren't lazy. It takes effort to put a diaper on right so it won't leak. Lazy people wouldn't do that.

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    No we are not lazy just makes it easy to do normal tasks uninterupted so that is smart to me. But non Dl would dissagree

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    Some people will think it lazy to pee deliberately in a nappy. I must admit there are times when I do, usually at night if I wake needing to pee which only happens occasionally as usually I sleep through my nightly wetting. Sometimes during the day it is just easier than trying to hold it and the inevitable happening anyway. I think once you get used to wearing a nappy all the time it does become easier just to let go and often I sort of know I could have held it but don't bother. My nappy. My Choice.

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    No way - it takes effort and planning to wear a diaper. Then you have to change it afterwards and clean off -- it's the contrary -- us diaper enthusiasts are clearly hard workers and the toilet slaves are lazy

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    I pee in a diaper as part of my kink, to relax, or for convenience. That is not being lazy. Frankly it would be easier to use the restroom a few times a day then dealing with diapers. Not by much, but by a little.

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    Not lazy just over worked , plus a 30sec poop could take 10mins to clean up

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    I think your byline says it all, Calico. This activity can be a lot of extra work and expense but we do it for enjoyment like it is some kind of hobby, not out of laziness. There are situations I've discovered where using diapers is a convenience but this is more a matter of practicality rather than simple laziness.

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    Perhaps I should go on a vanilla forum and ask if people are too lazy to wear a diaper. I bet the responses will be interesting.

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