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    Hello everyone. My name is Nate and I'm a completely normal, functioning 20 year old from the United States, aside from my diaper fetish. I've been a lurker here from time to time, reading articles and whatnot and I finally decided to join. Here's a little about me:

    When I was young, I was always fixated on diapers. I never had a hard time potty training but once I was trained, all I wanted was to be back in diapers. No matter how much I kicked and screamed for them I never got them. One year it dawned on me to ask 'Santa' for a babydoll for Christmas (I think I was around 5). By my logic as a 5 year old I figured that if I got a babydoll, I could ask my parents to buy her diapers that I could wear, and I did just that. I'm not 100% sure on what had happened to the diapers after I had used them, but I can remember securing them on my and wetting them between the ages of 5 and 7. Once I outgrew the babydoll and diaper thing everything was smooth sailing until I hit puberty.

    As I got into my teenage years I remember always having diapers in the back of my mind. Once I turned 14 I got my first cellphone and began searching the Internet to see if there were people like me and what caused the odd feelings I was having. I figured that searching a topic like this was a lot safer on my cellphone than on the family's desktop in the kitchen. Once I had done a few night's research I was reassured that I was not alone and that it's actually much more common than I anticipated.

    When I turned 16 I got my license and my own truck and could drive myself to the store to buy my first pack of real diapers (parents being divorced and mom working nights, I had the house to myself!) I chose Goodnites because I was certain they would fit, and there was a self-checkout at the store that sold them. Once I got home, I threw off my clothes and slipped my first Goodnite on and the feeling I got as I released was euphoric. It seemed as though all of my cares in the world disappeared. It's tough to explain but I'm sure that you all can relate. It's a weird thing to think about, really...

    Anyway, from that point forward I was hooked. I bought Goodnites on an off until I turned 18 and they started to get a little too snug. I researched different adult tape-up style diapers that were sold in my area, the quality of them and their prices. I decided to try Depends Maximum Protection, now called Depends with Tabs. This was my first true adult diaper. It fit PERFECTLY and I was in heaven.

    Jumping another two years to present day, I'm writing this post wearing a wet Bambino and having a whole pack of CVS Day & Night Briefs in my stash and a sample pack of Abena M4s from Bambino on it's way at some point this week. I've never tried these out. It's a hard thing to tell anyone, that I like wearing diapers, but I really do. It's calming for me. About a month ago, I told my girlfriend of 6 months that I want to wear diapers. She has no idea that I buy a pack from time-to-time or that I actually wet them.

    I'm a 20y/o DL from the USA. The only person I've ever told about my life-long love of diapers is my current girlfriend of 6 months. She's not too accepting but she knows that this feeling is never going to go away. I'm still embarrassed about my fetish and I'd be horrified if anyone ever found my diapers or me wearing one. I apologize in advance for the horrible grammar/format of this but it's nearly 1am and I wanted to get my story out into this new community that I'm excited to be a part of.

    Nice to meet you all.

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    Hello woah! Welcome to the group! That was a great introduction. I like how you got the diapers for your doll and used them. That was ingenious of you! I see you are a gamer and although I'm not, many members here are. What games do you play?

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    I had multiple baby dolls as a kid, and one time my mom bought me a pack of real diapers to put on the one. I was around 5 at the time, and despite already having the fetish at that tender age, it didn't occur to me to even attempt to put one on Probably because I was only really interested in training pants and not regular diapers...

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    Really nice introduction. Welcome to the group. Most of us here are quite normal as well... Aside from liking diapers, obviously, so you'll fit in quite well. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    Really nice introduction. Welcome to the group. Most of us here are quite normal as well... Aside from liking diapers, obviously, so you'll fit in quite well. :P
    Of course I know that you're all normal as well. No judgement from me of any kind. I'm still not 100% comfortable with myself, actually. It's really nice to finally be a part of a community like this to get to myself a little better.

    So thank you in advance.

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    Welcome! I'm not sure many if us get 100% comfortable with diaper wearing. But we do come to accept ourselves for who we are and that we're OK as we are. Telling others is a REALLY difficult thing. I never have and I've been at this since long before you were born. Of course, back then I thought I was the only one in the world with these feelings. You're lucky to have found a community like this that can answer your questions and reassure you that you're normal whether you're wearing or not! Welcome!

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    Welcome to the forum woah! it was very brave of you to tell your gf. I'm sure she'll come around to it. I'll bet she has a secret fetish as well that she might want to explore as well... We all do. I told my partner and he was okay with it and offered to participate with me however I chose, but I'm still a bit embarrassed by it so I'm keeping it a solo experience.

    Hope you enjoy you time here!

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    You have a wonderful partner, then! Best of luck with everything.

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    Hi Internet. Welcome. We've already run into each other in a thread. You've raised some very good questions in your first week here. Glad you've joined. Is this your first year off to college? Life wil surely change for you, and don't be surprised if your interest in diapers drops off due to all the other new things demanding your attention. On the other hand, if you've been lacking privacy up to now, maybe it'll really take off if the setting is right. Maybe your stringer urges are in anticipation of that kind of freedom. Keep us posted!

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