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Thread: Diaper use among school age kids could be increasing

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    Default Diaper use among school age kids could be increasing

    I post this because I'm curious about this as a sociological phenomenon, and the effects it could have generally, and specifically on the abdl community, and if it's even real. I could have posted this in IC, or even AB, but I felt it best posted here because of the aforementioned thoughts.

    A report and subsequent discussion from sky news (UK) which found school age children not potty trained or at least not fully trained, not including those with physical or mental disabilities.

    News Report

    Subsequent Discussion

    The one problem I have with this story is their method of determining how many kids are untrained, by using a percentage of head staff who reported having "a child" wearing diapers to school. So they polled 600 staff, 9% of which reported having had a diapered student age 5-7, however the wording indicates past tense, so not currently, much less consistently, but instead over time- without indicating the span of time. So this is a possible minimum of 54 kids, but sounds like 9% of all 5-7 year olds. I'm sure it's actually more than 54, and that the numbers are rising, but it just seems misleading whether intentional or not.

    So 9% of head staff report 5-7 y/o age kids had worn diapers to school, and 4% of head staff report 7-11 y/o age kids had worn diapers to school. Better figures would be great.

    Now they cite a lack of parenting thanks to professional lifestyles of parents too busy working. Also citing diaper manufacturers making it easy to stay untrained because of Goodnites style products, the sizes, comfort, and designs clearly geared towards older kids.

    I would love a psychological study done on this to understand the older children's situation, if this is even a significant phenomenon.

    I think there should at the very least be a proper attempt at potty training all children, whatever happens later is another discussion. However I'm curious to hear other's thoughts on the matter.

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    Someone on here posted a thing about this some time ago and as I recall they worked at a school. They saw students that wore Pull-Ups/diapers to school each day. Who knows why they wear them (incontinence, special needs, etc.). Still, the point is that they were wearing them and it seems to be an increasingly common practice.

    So much of parenting has become when the child is ready. This is what parents have been told for years and I think they're buying into it heavily. Doctors and pediatricians seem to be okay with allowing young patients facing bladder control issues to wear diapers. It works and I suppose it is better than pumping kids full of prescription drugs that may or may not work.

    I do believe in potty training children as well. I agree with the "when they're ready" part, but parents need to push it to some degree. You can't expect children to just want to do it on their own. Parents usually need to get them interested in it which means buying them a potty chair/seat. Never mind that the thing may go unused for months or a year (or more). Parents should demonstrate what it is and try getting their little one interested in using it. I don't buy into the whole "parents are too busy" excuse. Parents have been busy for years and kids still get potty trained. Who's watching the child? Are they enrolled in a daycare/preschool where they're getting potty trained? Can a relative take on the challenge if the parent doesn't feel qualified?

    Have to take news stories with a grain of salt as well. We need to remember that the numbers of children diagnosed with Autism is continually rising. Could some of these children have Autism but aren't diagnosed? They could have very minor forms of it where it goes undetected.

    I don't know what will stem from all of this. I just imagine a line of students outside the nurse's office at a school waiting for diaper changes I guess we could be seeing bigger diapers on the retail market which wouldn't be bad for ABDLs. Maybe if you get caught wearing a diaper you could always just say: "Well, my parents were always too busy and never had time to train me."

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    They make it seem like a big outbreak or something. 9% of teachers said they have kids who are still in diapers. I don't know the average classroom size, so if a fraction of a % of kids wear diapers and it could be numerous reasons why. Some people are just in the need of barking at something as usual. It's not really a concern.

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    I mentioned this in the other thread, but I also got the impression they were also counting pull-ups in their calculations. So if a kid wore a Goodnite to school (and one of the videos does mention skateboard designs), it would count in the "diapered schoolchildren" category. I imagine most kids in that situation wouldn't need a teacher to change them, making this likely another case of the media blowing something out of proportion.

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    Spare me any further anguish Ooh Lord, take me to Heaven now or asap, for I can take no more of this suffering here on earth.

    The inital report was based around a half-wit beating her own agenda, the rest from the www - is from the fap fantasy crew who picked up on it and can't let go. Diapers are not going mainstream in our lifetime, or any other for that matter, end of news-flash. That reminds me, I need a good w---, catch ye'all later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acorn View Post
    That reminds me, I need a good w---, catch ye'all later.
    Zomg, totes innapropes

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoisonSnivy View Post
    Zomg, totes innapropes
    How so, what do you understand from it that would make it so?

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    Even as an AB/DL this is kinda stupid considering learning how to use the toilet is one of the basic life skills that must be taught. It's a kin to not knowing how to spell your own name(in these kids case).

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