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    What fascinates me about this syndrome is how many variations there are. Take the LG vs Sissy dimension. I'm a LG, not a Sissy (read the great article on this subject on this site). For years, I've been looking for a real LG dress. It seems to me that the dresses your can buy on-line are all designed for Sissies, not for LG's. For me, an "over the top" frilly satin, lace and ruffles dress would be humiliating to wear (or be made to wear). As a LG, I'm looking for something that a real little girl might wear to just feel sweet. For me, this means a cotton/poly dress with a modest childish design. The only place on-line I've found is the Preschool Dress section of Patapoom - Adult Baby Clothes.

    Do you think there is a difference between LG dresses and a Sissy dresses?

    If not, where did I go wrong? Am I just showing a cultural bias (I'm in the U.S.) and perhaps satin, lace and ruffles are LG fashion elsewhere? Why are "simple cotton/poly" dresses so hard to find?

    If so, is the "simple cotton/poly" vs. "frilly satin" distinction true? Why are there so few sources for LG dresses? Do you know of any other source? Do you own a LG dress?
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    I think it's less of a LG vs. Sissy thing, and more of a personal preference.

    I say this because there's very little appeal to those super frilly overkill dresses that are made of shiny satin to me. I think those are just fairly common, as there's probably some sort of secondary fetish driving the demand for that, rather than a simple cutesy dress.

    Think of it like this: There's loads of PVC or Rubber AB/DL oriented products, but that's not because DL's like PVC/Rubber and AB's don't; there just happens to be an intersection of fetishes which results in an intersection of clothing design and material.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
    I think it's less of a LG vs. Sissy thing, and more of a personal preference.
    I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. I never found the appeal with those frilly outfits.

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    Go to Big Tots, she has stuff like that all the time. You can custom order as well.

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