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Thread: getting a little bigger

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    Default getting a little bigger

    has anyone trimmed down so that they could fit in there fav diaper and for those who have what were some exercises did you do thanks :

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    When I began to pack on pounds, I biked, ran, and watched what I ate for a while. I wore a lot of goodnites/overnight pull ups while at college. They fit great!! And we're cheap AND discrete!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nezquic66 View Post
    When I began to pack on pounds, I biked, ran, and watched what I ate for a while. I wore a lot of goodnites/overnight pull ups while at college. They fit great!! And we're cheap AND discrete!
    thanks they make me feel little again and thats the best part

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    Run 3-4 times a week. Sprints and Distance, minimal calorie intake, lots of healthy stuff, no cheat days, swimming, weight training is good too because your body will consume fat for energy through your workouts. Be sure to stretch a lot though, shin splints hurt.

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    Huh, I've actually been getting a bit chubby. I have muscles and I could wrestle a bear (well, okay maybe only a measly wolf) but still live a bit too unhealthy. Just got a bike so I must go exploring.
    I'm such a mellow person I find it hard to just run or bike real fast 'cus I don't have time to find every insect and bird on the way but I reeeeaally should try to get fit :'3 Bike rides here I come!

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    This is actually the opposite of what I'm trying to do. I'm thirty pounds underweight for my height, and the smallest adult diapers available to me are too big. I'm stuck with Goodnites and Baby diapers.

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    I'm a weekday vegetarian - as in I don't eat any meat 5 days of the week. Also, running is the best cardio exercise there is. It doesn't take too long and it burns lots of calories. Really it's mostly what you eat and drink as opposed to working out. No sodas, minimal beer (since life without beer would be like life without diapers. Just not worth it).

    Also if you haven't tried the new Goodnites, give 'em a go. They are super stretchy. I could fit in the last gen if I pulled the sides and was careful getting into one. The new ones I can pull right up, no stretching required. FWIW I have a 36 inch waist.

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    Well weighed 113kg at the first of february this year! now i weigh 91kg which is about 12kg too much for me at the moment but im getting less chubby by the day!

    My recepie for weight loss is rather easy and everyone can do it!

    I simply removed burgers, pizza, candy, soda, icecream etc etc from my life! Addition to a less crappy diet i try to walk 6-7km 3-5 times a week and its awesome for weight loss and your shape!

    Today i feel like a new person who actually fit into regular clothes....

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    Default getting a little bigger

    I've been in competitive swimming all my life, and lately I've actually been trying to do the *opposite*.

    I'm too lanky for the vast majority of medium diapers (except for ones that run smaller, like bambino) and the choices of size small diapers out there is somewhat I've actually been going to the gym a lot lately to bulk up somewhat.

    I can't for the life of me put on weight, due to metabolism and constant swimming, but I'm hoping a bit more bulkiness might help out a little size-wise.

    On a side note...has anyone tried the 24/7 smalls..? How are they?

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    I would like to put on ten pounds myself, but how to do so and keep a feminine shape?

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