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    First of all, if this belongs somewhere else, I apologize and ask someone to put it in its place. That aside:

    I am a biologically male dl who enjoys ab activity from time to time but I always love wearing diapers. I've always had a feminine side. Recently I've started buying girl's clothing. The littler it looks the better to me. I have no sexual attraction to dressing and acting as a girl, I just enjoy it and it feels in some ways "right". Something that has always bugged me is my male "stuff" down there. I have read up on SRS and think I understand the procedure decently. I've thought about going about that later down the road when school and stuff is finished and the money is available. What I don't want to do is live like a woman 24/7. I have a girlfriend currently and I'm positive that I'm straight. This would be a gender switch so much as a sex organ switch in my mind.

    So I guess what I'm asking is can one undergo the procedure and not have much larger breasts and look too terrible feminine? It sounds strange saying it but I really just want to have a female orgasm and body down there. I understand the no children biologically thing and I'm not afraid of the complications of finding a female spouse down the road. Has anyone else done this or even thought about it? Do you think it's possible even? I appreciate your thoughts on it cause I don't know what to think right now. This has been a very welcoming, helpful community thus far.Thanks!

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    You typically need a therapist's approval for that kind of surgery, and I don't think any therapist would give it for those reasons.

    SRS is for those who feel so uncomfortable in their bodies, and feel so terrible in their birth sex, that they must correct their body in order to live a happy and successful life. It is a procedure and a process that is meant to save lives and relieve a person of near constant misery. It is not meant to pursue a fantasy.

    Really though, if you're happy with your sex and gender, and just want another sex organ, you would really regret this down the line, and it could destroy your life, which is why the procedure needs a therapist's approval. I'm not sure if you are happy as a male and generally fine with your body or not. Your post does not make it very clear. But SRS is not simply about changing organs, it's about correcting your body so that you can be what you know you are, despite the hand genetics dealt you. Transitioning from one sex to another involves a lot more than just SRS as well.

    I am sorry if I seem harsh, but this is a serious matter, and I do not wish for you to make a mistake.

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    I had to sleep a good night's sleep and think about this post. I was a bit cohfused as I don't know what SRS stands for (english is not my first language).
    I have A LOT transgender, genderfluid or genderless friends. Like, a truckload lol and just like diapers it can either be a sexual fetish (crossdressing, autogynephilia, role play etc..) or a genuine medical condition that might need treatment (being trans* etc..) so yeah kinda like some people HAVE to wear diapers and some people just think it's kinda cool to do it. You should in this case be very, very considerate and not step on the toes of those who are suffering or fighting for basic human rights.

    I think you would benefit from exploring your gender a bit - sounds maybe pervy but it's not what I mean! Read some trans peoples experiences, read from official trans resources and think for a bit what you actually want. A lot of trans women are lesbians, too so you could be like that? Not assuming, I'm just throwing out ideas for you.

    I really get the feeling you don't quite know who you are or what you want. It's very likely I'm just bad at english but.. yeah. I do really, REALLY recommend to read up on trans resources so you know what it all is about. Not everyone fits the exact boxes of male or female, if you just wanna femme it up or have two genders at once it is very possible!

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    FallenDown has the right idea, IMO. I think you'd have a hard time getting a therapist to approve you, but by all means I encourage you to go ahead and start the conversation. A therapist will help you sort those feelings and give you some perspective on what to expect and what the benefits and consequences will be, so even if you get turned down, it's still a valuable experience to have.

    On a physiological note, you ask:

    Quote Originally Posted by iamthewizard View Post
    So I guess what I'm asking is can one undergo the procedure and not have much larger breasts and look too terrible feminine? It sounds strange saying it but I really just want to have a female orgasm and body down there.
    Yes and no. If you get a full job down there--orchiechtomy, penectomy, neovaginoplasty and labioplasty--you're going to lose your testicles, which means that you will not naturally produce sufficient quantities testosterone. If left to its own devices, your body will experience, among other things, minor breast development as the estrogens that are naturally present in your body take effect, unimpeded by androgens. There are other long-term health problems involved when you're not producing enough of either hormone. Your doctor is going to prescribe a course of hormone replacement therapy to pick up the slack, either estrogen, which will feminize you, or testosterone, which will allow you to keep your existing features. Either way, you're going to have to take hormone injections for the rest of your life.

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    Thanks for the thoughts. You all make a lot of sense and provided me with some info i hadnt considered that i should have. I think that this will best be a route untraveled. You pointed out too many flaws i didnt consider. I guess i need to do more inner searching to find what im really looking for. I just want to be happy with myself like everyone else here. I appreciate the guidance this forum and its members have provided me with thus far and future help im sure ill receive. Im sure ill eventually find how to best be myself. Thanks folks.

    (I apologize for the poor grammar. Typing on a really small touchscreen with an annoyingly hard to navigate keyboard... Another story for another day)

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    Any time :3 I wish you the best of luck!

    (I'm forced to use my mouse to type so I feel your pain lol)

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    I know I'm considerably late to this discussion, but another point to consider for anyone who's considering SRS is the legal protection issue: at least in the U.S. (not sure about other countries), not all states have legal protections in place for trans* individuals. Even those that do can be a little paltry at best.
    A good (but sad) documentary to watch, as far as trans* post-surgery issues and some discrimination that can occur is "Southern Comfort"

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    Also, as far as the feeling goes, you won't come close to the same level of stimulation as you'd achieve with your natural body.
    It would be possible to simply have the surgery and not gain any other feminine sexual characteristics though, as the other characteristics are gained through hormone therapy, which you would simply forgo.

    But from a medical perspective I don't see any need for this surgery, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a surgeon willing to complete the procedure, in my opinion. The ethics of the surgery would be questionable.

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