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    I bought some diapers at the flea market on sunday, I really like them but dont know what they are and i dont have a way to post a picture but maybe someone can figure it out from a description
    they came in a clear package of 24
    they are blue and plastic backed
    they have the exact same tapes as attends with waistband
    they are pretty thin
    they dont hold alot maybe 10-12oz
    the plastic and the inside of the diaper are both really soft

    I like these diapers even though they are thin and not very absorbent they are great during the workday because I sweat way more than i wet which makes it wasteful to wear a higher capacity diaper. Any help would be extremely helpful. Thanks

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    I've also been wondering this I think. I trawl tumblr a lot and I keep seeing pictures of these solid blue diapers and nobody seems to have an answer as to what exactly they are.

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    Surely you can take a picture, even if you don't have a separate digital camera, you must surely have a camera phone,lol.

    And then upload it to imageshack to here via on the link tag thing.

    When you say attends with waistband they sound like the USA attends to me.
    You sure they ain't Assure aka Breeyo Briefs which are thin, blue with waistbands and very cheap, so could be them.

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