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Thread: Paci hurting upper, inner lip?

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    Default Paci hurting upper, inner lip?

    Hey, I've had this mechanical problem for a while now. When I sleep with my paci, after I suckle it a little, I sort of lock a constant suction so it won't fall out when I sleep. However, I have a small gap in my upper front two teeth, and the area right below the frenulum on my upper lip will get caught in it and become irritated, sore, and even slightly swollen from scraping my teeth. This means I can almost never keep my paci in overnight, despite how utterly soothing it is otherwise. Does anyone have a method they use to keep a paci in all night that they could share, please

    BTW, I'm using a silicone nuk 5.

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    Try a 7! I have weird teeth as well and this was a huge problem when I was using smaller pacis, even the 5. (I had a latex 5, silicone 7.) With the Nuk 7, the lip thing only happens if I really, actively suck for a long time with the shield pressed against my face. The stem is long enough that it just naturally stays put when my jaw relaxes shut, so I don't have to use any suction at all to keep it there. (I do prefer to keep latched on with my tongue and the roof of my mouth, but that's purely because it feels comforting. Doesn't involve my lips at all - actually, I usually leave them parted!)

    Of course the 7 isn't for everyone, it does sit in your mouth/against your face differently and it really depends on your particular mouth/jaw. But, you don't know until you try. Maybe experiment a bit, and ask yourself whether you'd need as much suction at the front of your mouth (at the lips) if the stem was longer.

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    When ordering this one from pacifiersrus, I had actually heavily considered getting a 7. However, I had feared it would me too long. But now that you mention it, I had the same problem (but worse) way back when I used nuk 3's. My mouth is plenty big enough, so I'll get a 7! Thanks for the idea!

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    Cool! Glad to help. I'm very happy with my 7 - just wishing I'd gotten a cuter shield

    One thing you might like to know is that because of the angle the paci takes when it's in my mouth (I have an overbite - so it tilts down on the outside), the shield of the 7 doesn't naturally press against my face. That tilt is the reason I need a longer pacifier, I think, because it increases the distance between "inside the mouth" and "outside the mouth." At any rate, even without a snuggly shield, my Nuk 7 is the most comfortable paci I own Just something to think about if your situation is similar.

    Have fun! And pssst - they have a sale on - with some perfectly serviceable paci shields available

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    Yeah, I have an over bite as well. I ordered a silicone nuk 7 in the same cute pink guard my nuk 5 is in. Perhaps I can figure out a way to make the guard flush with my face. However, having it off of my face a bit could be good, because somehow I always get spit behind my guard and have to wipe it off.

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    LOL - I was going to say, but apparently didn't, that without the shield pressed to my face I really don't drool anymore That was always a problem with the smaller ones, not so much with the 7 (unless I sleep with my face mashed into the pillow ... because yeah, you know)

    You can easily just use your hand or something else to keep the paci tucked a bit further into your mouth if you want the shield flush. It just doesn't happen automatically like with the smaller ones, at least for me.

    Enjoy your new paci!!! and let me know how it goes, I'm curious :P

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    Alright. As long as it feels good and the guard looks cute still, I'm OK!

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    will try the 7 as I too have this problem. The dental hygienist said to me last time, oh, weird this frenulum that gets between...

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    there is a nuk seven? I just ordered a nuk 5, where can you buy the seven?

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    Pacifiers R Us

    The "7" is not actually made by NUK brand, but was custom-designed by this seller. It's very similar to the Nuk 5, except the teat "stem" is longer. You can see pictures at the link. It comes in latex or silicone.

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