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Thread: Hobbies?

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    Default Hobbies?

    Haven't seen a post like this on the OT in a while, and the forum is getting stale... So lets have em, what are your hobbies! Things you do to keep yourself entertained and your mind exercised (sorry, this is excluding video games, reading books, following tv shows, those aren't hobbies, they're pass times).

    For me I thoroughly enjoy circuitry. I love analyzing, designing, and building gadgets. I also enjoy building and fixing things, but being a poor college student, who has a severe lack of tools, this hobby is much more difficult to do.

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    For me it is gardening, then cooking/canning what I grow, coin collecting, model railroading, latch hook rugs, and wood working.

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    I like Hi-Fi audio, Video Games, Riding ATVs and anything with an engine.

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    uuummmmmmmm tubes, computers, clocks, fixing things for people. mushroom hunting, dump digging,dumpster diving. And I think that's all XP

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    Trains, cars, videogames (mostly counter strike, GTA and TTDX...) I love to investigate (technical and crimininal/social...)

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    Audiophilism, modding, cars, downhill biking and many more

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    Paintball as a recreational sport, and the equipment as a tinkering hobby. Generally enjoy fixing/building things as well, which involves a good bit of wood/plastic/metalworking. I started welding a couple years ago, but I don't get many projects that require it. Also an artist by trade, so I paint, sculpt, draw, etc...

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    Nature! Picking mushrooms and berries, hiking, traveling, bike rides, taking dog for a walk, camping.. just OUTDOORS!! @[email protected]! I don't run or anything tho, just move very slow so it's not a fitness thing - more of a "I wonder what's under this rock?" kind of thing.

    I also keep all kinds of bugs, and draw/paint.

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