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    Default Classy Comfort Diapers

    Anyone know how good thier diapers are. i mean.. 8 for 30$? they gotta have somthing to them. and all of thier dresse/plastic pants are expensive..

    This whole thing a rip-off?

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    Those are adorable, but the price really doesn't seem too worth it, you could really do the same with stickers on a plain white diaper

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    They look like a cute diaper, but 8 for 30 that's horrid.

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    They do look cute, but 8 for $30 is a bit much. That comes to $3.75 per diaper, which is really pricey. You can get a case of 48 though for $96, which comes to $2 per diaper, which isn't nearly as bad, but is still pricey.

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    I wore one once. It was ok as a diaper goes. I wouldn't pay what they cost though.

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    I've worn these before, and they're definitely not worth the hassle, IMO.

    The diapers themselves are poorly constructed... The tapes tear off the back wings easily, the padding is mostly cellulose without any gel (so, while a bit bulky, they aren't very absorbent), and after the first wetting the padding wads up into a big clump in the crotch. They're also very expensive, and like ABUniverse, there are many accounts of people paying for these and never getting their order.

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    at the MADE meeting last night i was told that classy is no longer in buisness. i also recieved one, when folded they are as thick as an abena, but the absorbancy is low (from what i heard)

    the big draw to them is the all over prints and color, that alone is worth $2 especially if you are A HOTTIE and a white diaper just wont look good.

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    I wouldn't pay that for them! I use the kendals (from Cosy n Dry: Packs of Kendall Lille "Maxi") they have little cute stars on them allready and are much better prices!

    I do like the bambinos though, i have had them a couple of times and felt REALLY cute.

    I have also used the diaper tape on the kendles (Diapertapes - makes an ABDL-Diaper out of every diaper!) that is just as cute as the bambinos (to me) and so much cheaper! also more variety of prints woo!


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