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    Or mornin', depending on where you are. It's 4:20 AM for me and this is about the tenth time I've stayed up late poking around this forum when the rest of my family's in bed. I always hit that pesky preview limit, and so... here I am.

    I guess I've always been a "little," at least... my room's full of toys and dolls even though I just got rid of a huge chunk of them (we're moving, so I had to downsize) and I've always been able to relate to kids way more than adults...
    Had a lot of teenage fantasies about "what would happen if I created an environment where adults acted like babies, with giant cribs and other nursery furniture?" Took me quite a while to realize that I just wanted to be treated like a baby sometimes, haha.

    Lately I've also taken an interest in diapers, of course... I think what really clinched it was the ABU Super Dry Kids... the very diapers I wore when I was a baby! I was shocked I remembered the print since it's been over 20 years since I saw them... but there they were in all their glory. I still remember being changed by mom, still remember lying in my crib and watching the mobile and staring at the jumping lambs on my baby blanket... I think I still have most of that stuff, too.

    I've got my old PuffALump Kid doll on my lap right now and I guess I sort of feel at peace. Wish I was padded.

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    Welcome to the group FreekaDimension! It sounds like you are going to fit right in here. Do you have any questions about your "awakening"? I see you're a gamer, typical for most members here. What is your favorite game(s)?

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    Hey there, awesome intro. Welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing you about the place.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome, all.

    I play a lot of different games, but I tend to be (predictably) attracted to ones with cartoony styles and somewhat dark storylines. (I didn't touch FPS games until I discovered TF2 because I fell in love with the vintage comic style.) My #1 game of all time has been Majora's Mask for about 8 years now, though there are others that have gotten close. I tend to prefer the pacing in mid 90s to early 2000s games but don't have any aversion to giving new ones a shot. I've got all the Nintendo systems except for the 3DS and the WiiU.... love to PC game. Lately I've been trying to get the Miku clothing in Mabinogi.

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