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    How about pondering THIS:

    What is the LOUDEST diaper?

    I'll start the ball rolling with > Tranquility ATN <


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    It's been a long time since I've used a Depend diaper, but I remember them being very noisy, especially without pants. The plastic was thin and very crinkly, though underwear and pants tended to warm them up and quiet them down considerably. I've used the Tranquility ATN more recently than that, but remember them having a thicker plastic cover.


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    Either the Dry 24/7 or the Attends Waistbands. They blow the above diapers out of the water in the crinkle department!

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    The old green depends have been the loudest I have ever come across.

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    Chalk up another vote for the Old style green Depends, that was the first bag of adult diapers I ever bought when I needed them at night back in the 90's, makes me wonder how the neighbors never heard them!

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    When you eat a crap load of beans and have a diaper on. You start farting really loud then the diaper smell like a smelly fart.

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    Maybe not so much the diaper itself - "BUT" the diaper cover made of heavy duty plastic or cheap cellophane material
    can advertise a great deal more than the plastic lined diaper and even more so with the combination of the both.
    Warm weather tends to silence or reduce the noise and cold weather 'WOW' it will be like wearing corduroy pants in a
    library - "SHssss" 'Quiet in the Library' !
    Wearing pants may tend to muffle the noise - but wearing a skirt or dress may just amplify it like a downward facing megaphone !

    For the most part the noise is all in your head - the ambient noise present covers a great deal of what you think you hear !
    Still yet the humiliation can be quite intense when you are with friends and relatives and try to keep the noise down !

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    The old dry comforts are the loudest that I have ever heard. I remember wearing those diapers in the late 90's super loud. Even if you wear pants or jeans you can still hear the noisy diaper. The colors were green, blue and white. First Quality Briefs are also noisy too. The diaper that has nice blue X's on the tape tabs.

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    Bambino bellsimo's are pretty crinkly. My dad is so deaf though he doesn't hear the rustle of them under my sleeping shorts.

    Hell, I've gone out the front door with a wet diaper rolled up inside a plastic bag and he'll announce "I already got the mail" practically almost feel like saying "Cool, but I was just going out to throw out a diaper. Unless you want me to keep it inside."

    Molicare Super Plus aren't bad IMHO.

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