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Thread: Been about an hour and I love this!!

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    Thumbs up Been about an hour and I love this!!

    So I have been posting on the forums here quite a bit recently, I apologize if this bothers anyone...but I find this site to be awesome! Anyways, I have just recently began to indulge in my DL side as some of you may know from previous threads of mine and today I am planning to be diapered all day and maybe night. It has been about an hour and this is already GREAT!! I am wet as I type this and the feeling it indescribable. I guess I understand why 'normal' people might find this odd but so far I'm a fan!

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    I'm glad to hear your enjoying a pampered state of mind !
    I can remember like it was yesterday when I first wore in 2008, it's has its ups and downs, but overall it has been a blast ! Have any questions or thoughts etc. ? Feel free to pm me anytime after a week or so

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    I am highly bothered and offended that you would take up the precious interwebz space to post that you think this site and by extension community is awesome. Have you no shame or sense of decency? lol

    If you are really curious about further exploring your DL side, might I suggest taking a gander over to fetlife? Some pretty cool things going on over there.

    BTW, what kind of diapers did you get?

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    Well, I just changed out of my first diaper. Tranquility ATN got 3 wettings out of it. Now I am in a different brand, and honestly am not too sure what it is. It's more cloth like but seems thicker than the ATNs. It's comfy.

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    I have been to FetLife and will continue with it. And right now, Tranquility ATNs and this other 'premium' brand. I have some Tranquility slip ons, some Prevail breezers, and also TENA super plus on the way.

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    on ebay there is an ab/dl store that sells a sample pack of 10 awesome different diapers. They are all top of the line grade A diapers that I highly recommend you try. That'll really set the standard for the diapers you like, I think.

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