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Thread: Give me some suggestions for 'rules' to follow when I try n go 24/7!

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    Thumbs up Give me some suggestions for 'rules' to follow when I try n go 24/7!

    So in a few days I am going to have my first go at wearing a diaper around the clock. My plan is to not go #1 in the toilet AT ALL, but to still go #2 in the toilet. I am posting here in hopes that some of you will give me some suggestions for 'rules' to follow while I do this. Such as, how long should I try and go for? How long should I wait in between changes? Any 'challenges' to do while I try this? Anything, I am open to ideas.

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    There's no set rules in going 24/7. It's all in what you can tolerate and be comfortable with.

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    #1 Rule: NO RULES.

    Just enjoy it.. don't try to get into any rule-thing... just do what feels right.

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    My only comment is make sure you use powder or you will get a rash.

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    I wear until it stops being enjoyable on balance. Sometimes the difficulty or the discomfort can be part of that enjoyment but I know when it turns the corner. When it starts to feel too much like the norm is also a powerful factor for me. I want it to feel different.

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    A few random suggestions:

    Don't try to get max usage out of every nappy you wear - it's much more important to look after your skin and avoid unpleasant stale urine odours by changing regularly.

    Don't risk your sanity / job / friends by wearing in unsuitable situations. As much as it's fun to give up the toilet altogether, nappies should not be allowed to rule your life on those occasions when they are a hindrance rather than a help.

    Build in some variety - try different nappies or plastic pants, develop new ways of changing, experiment with different levels of discretion and concealment to delay the onset of routine.

    Make nappies part of your expression of yourself that ties in with clothing, hairstyle etc, i.e. part of you as a person and not just a way of collecting your urine.

    Every now and then, maybe monthly, take a step back and review what you are getting from the experience. Is it holding you back in any way, e.g. by making you embarrassed and reluctant to go out with friends? Have you become so habituated that you don't get any pleasure or are you forever exhausted from endless pleasure? Is it still fun?

    And, as per EP01, don't follow a boring set of rules!

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    Haha ok I guess I did not mean 'rules' perse, but more so I am seeking some advice in regards to basic guidelines one might follow when wearing 24/7 in order to remain committed. I know everyone's situation is different, but I would like to do it for X-number of days/weeks/etc. and I am forcing myself to not go #1 in the toilet AT ALL. I want to know what it is like to do this, so I feel that it would be beneficial to have some basic guidelines to follow to help keep me on track. For instance, going RIGHT AWAY when I feel the urge..just like a baby. Also, going in public no matter where I am or who I'm with. And since it will be difficult to bring diapers with me places, I will have to wait until I get home most of the time to change into a fresh one. I like the idea of this. And I know leaks may occur, but that is part of the experience! I have some different types of diapers on the way right now and I am going to experiment with different ones. I was considering also doing something like a "case challenge" where I do not stop being diapered until a full case is used up. And I would not be allowed to change unless the one I am wearing is filled already. These are all simply ideas, but I am looking forward to it! Also, where are some fun places to go diapered?

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    one suggestion might be to not change out of a diaper unless you wet it a certain number of times or after some time has passed, I usually two wetting and then change. An alternative to that is having pre-set changing times where you only get changed at certain times in the day regardless of the condition of your diaper. You might also want to incorporate mandatory bottle feeding for certain meals or mandatory time in a play pen which can be any small area blocked off either physically or mentally that you don't get out of until your time is up. Just a few things you can try, nothing that will keep you committed to the diapers for the whole time that's all on you.

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    Can't really add to what's already been said apart from suggesting that you be careful you don't develop incontinence from wearing 24/7. Has happened before...
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    For me it helps to have fixed times for changes my diaper and a fixed bedtime. It creates a routine. But that's just me. I like having rules and the sense that Im somewhat forced into them and they're not really there to keep me committed to diapers anyways. If I want a break from diapers I can always get it.

    So you should tell us something about what you hope to get out of, emotionally, sexually or just in a practical sense (maybe you just really hate going to the toilet?) I'm sure we can give you better tips then. I think if you know what you're trying to get out of it, you'll have some ideas to get there too.

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