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Thread: Short, important question about pharmacies.

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    Baxter Whittenburg

    Default Short, important question about pharmacies.

    If a store (like CVS) has a pharmacy there, can you buy things from it as well? - instead of going through a cashier at the front of the store?

    I recall once, when I was younger, and sick, I'd left school and went to Walgreens with my mom to order a prescription, but while we were there at the pharmacy, she payed for a few non-pharmaceutical items from there.

    If yes, that'd be completely sweet.

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    They will usually take your purchases there, unless they are extremely busy. At least that has been my experience at my local CVS.

    They are also used to being more discreet, since they sell prescription drugs and that type of information is regulated by Federal law in the US.

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    They can ring you up at the pharmacy in the back... but odds are you will be waiting longer there than if you went up front.

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    Baxter Whittenburg


    ^ I assume you mean because they are constantly busy with orders; and not that there'd be a line.

    Hm. So do you think it would be worth trying there first, and if it takes too long, going up front?

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    *shrug* If you are that nervous about buying diapers... I suppose.

    I'd be more worried about the pharmacist wanting to give me more details on "cures" for incontinence than anything else... not that I care.

    Just man up and take 'em to the front.

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    Baxter Whittenburg


    I've already purchased diapers 3 times; I just wanted to see if I could find a more convenient way of doing it. :sing:

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    The only way I know of that is more convenient is to order online...

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    Yes they will let you ring up in the back at Rite Aide, I have done it before, also in a CVS once I think. I have never been turned down, I just walk up and say "just this" and put it on the counter. Sometimes they will stare for 3-5 seconds lol, but thats it.

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    Well, turns out you can in boots. The normal counter and the pharmacy counter were right next to each other 'cause it's a pretty small store. I'm waiting in line at the normal counter, clutching a pack of diapers and the pharmacy girl says "you know, you can pay for that over here!".

    So, the moral of the story is: don't waste time waiting in line when you don't have to!

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    Ask first if the cashier at the back, in the pharmacy or customer service or wherever, has big bags... If the big bag is see-through ask for double-bagging...

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