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Thread: Diapers with socks, or regressing with non-AB specific accessories.

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    Default Diapers with socks, or regressing with non-AB specific accessories.

    This is maybe gonna sound strange, but does anyone else like wearing just a t-shirt/diaper/socks combo?

    On the rare occasions I get to wear a nappy, socks are a necessity.

    I don't quite understand why though. I don't have a foot or sock fetish going as such. I mean I do find feet sexy to a degree, and I do like seeing pretty women shoeless, with bare legs and socks, but I wouldn't consider it to be an overriding fetish at all.

    But if I'm wearing my nappy, and checking it out in the mirror, (as we all seem to do!), then my reactions are as follows.

    Stage 1: Nappy only.
    This just looks kinda creepy/weird. Love the feeling, uncomfortable with the guy looking back at me. Is he a weirdo or what?

    Stage 2: T-shirt added.
    Still looks kinda freaky. But the guy looking back at me now appears more harmless. Still probably a weirdo though.

    Stage 3: Add some white ankle length socks.
    Oh wow, what a cute kid!

    I immediately can regress and enjoy the feeling of being little now. I'm dressed as I was as a child at bedtime. Somehow by putting on a pair of socks it makes it feel alright.

    I won't play with my feet, touch the socks or anything. It's just by wearing them it makes the rest of the outfit less creepy somehow.

    Weird huh?

    On the same note I have 2 full piece onsies. 1 pair with feet, 1 without. I wear them around the house, but don't like sleeping in them. The footed pair makes me feel little, the non-footed pair doesn't unless I wear socks with them.

    The strange thing is, I never owned a onesie as a child! So why do they make me feel like I'm little again when I never wore one?

    Anybody else have anything that may not be directly AB related that helps?

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    The only thing I find weird is why did this topic come up yet. I really never even thought about discussing this. I do that combo with normal PJ pants with decor like coke cola on them and the diaper under that. I have my paci and my adorable pinkie pie and I am on my cell with FB and reading anything from wood working to padded ponies on Safari.

    AB/DL for me is a non-sexual thing. I occasionally have at it with my diaper but I do very little. Like once every three months or less.

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    This could be rather cute with a plaid school girl mini-skirt(kilt) fully showing the diapers/covers !
    Is it just the socks or do you wear say Mary Janes or some other kind of (feminine) low quarter shoes ?
    If wearing high heels now I would really wonder just what you are into.
    Obviously with bare socks you are not venturing out and about in public unless I missed something !

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    I can very much identify with this. I've always felt that a diaper by itself looks a little strange on me, but a diaper with a t-shirt and socks looks cute! I think this is because the clothes change the diaper from being the centre of attention to something that just happens to be there.

    It changes the act of wearing from being something that seems unusual to something that seems normal. That's exactly the sort of thing that really makes me feel little. On a side note, it's also quite cost effective as as authentic AB outfits go. Perfect!

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    Glad I'm not the only one then. Go the diaper/socks combo!

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    White or baby blue t-shirt, diapers (with or without plastic baby pants) and white socks does the trick for me. Comfortable!

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    For me I love to wear really cute pj bottoms and a crop top. Nothing makes me feel more babyish then the top of the diaper poking out of my jammies :3

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    I definitely like to wear cute socks when I am padded. When I am in littlespace the socks just help me regress. Especially if someone else puts them on me.

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    Yes I do identify with this. It is what I wear when I get that very rear time to be were I can just relax and be little.

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    I do shirt/diaper/socks in the summer a lot, well when I wear I do. Even when I don't I'll change from jeans into some gym shorts.

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