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Thread: Quietest day time diaper?

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    Question Quietest day time diaper?

    Hi all, I am new here but I am going to try my best to be active as a member!

    Aside from my introduction, this is my first thread.

    I was just curious, what is the quietest diaper to wear during the day time? I'm hoping someone could give me recommendations for plastic-lined ones, and also disposables that are more cloth-like rather than having plastic on the outside.

    Also, on an additional note, I am aware that diapers with tabs on the sides are more protective but I feel that adult pullup style disposables are not only more attractive (to me personally), but they are also more practical for daytime use-especially if you need to go number 2. So if possible, please provide recommendations in regards to tabbed and non-tabbed (pull up style), and also the plastic vs. non-plastic.

    Thank you!
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    As for tape on diapers. Prevail Breezers 360 or FitRights are my favorite quiet day time diapers that are cloth. You could do any of the Abena Cloth ones as well. The best pull on ones I find are either the Unique Wellness Brief ones or the Abena ones. If you wear jeans, Tena Slip Maxi or Unique Wellness Brief Superios are pretty quiet as far as plastic backed (I wear these to work often without incidents).

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    Thank you for the thorough answer. Appreciate it!

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    clothlike are going to be your quietest. If you still want something with a semi-plastic feel / softness, I wear TotalDry Plus to work. It's a tape-on ("brief") diaper, with retape panel, but the shell is a textured plastic that feels semi-clothlike and is pretty quiet. It adds very little bulge, but has fair capacity for its thickness. Excellent leak guards. After a fair amount of experimentation, I've settled on it for my go-to daytime diaper. It's also relatively cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spanko18 View Post
    18 views and not one reply? Aww, c'mon! :P
    Patience my young friend. Not everything here happens instantaneously. Our members are literally all over the world and while you're posting here, they're all cuddled up and sleeping. You might wake up tomorrow and have 20 responses to your post. It happens!

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    Haha I was just all caught up in being excited to take part in the site.

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    Cloth diapers, or in my experience, the cloth backed air plus M2,3,4s.

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