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Thread: New Bambino Diaper Questions

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    Question New Bambino Diaper Questions

    Hey everyone,

    Has anyone purchased the new Bambinos? Have they fixed the problems with the leg gathers, tape positions, and back splitting (please tell me they fixed this major problem)?

    Anyone who has owned the previous batch will know what I am talking about. Pictures of the fixes would be appreciated too. I just don't want to order a new case without knowing if they fixed their problems.



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    I had issues with the back splitting on me if I (A) taped too tightly and (B) wore pants/shorts/etc that had a vertical seam in the back that created a wear point. I have no experience with either of the recent updates though.

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    Yeah, I think that the problem with the last batch was that the tapes were moved higher up. In order to get a tight connection around the legs the tapes needed to be pulled tighter... So if they fixed the tapes, then the splitting should be resolved.

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    I personally prefer the tapes to be near the top and bottom of the back wing. I don't like diapers where the tapes are placed closer together. Makes it hard to get a good fit, and also leads to flaps of material folding over above and below the tapes. I don't see how they expect waist elastic to do any good when the top tapes aren't inline with it?

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    I bought samples of teddy and bellisimo, as far as I can tell, there are no issues as far as manufacturing goes. The tapes seem fine to me, although i couldnt tell you if theyre higher now than they used to be.

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    Yahoo they are better now. I have both old Tuesdays with the taps too high and the classic ABC ones are back where they normally have the tabs.

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    They have changed them back to the way they were 2 batches ago. The tapes have been lowered to their original positions, and the newer so-called "softer" interior surface has been swapped for the old perforated surface (which I preferred anyway). So they're the exact same as the ones from 1 year or so ago.

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    Perfect, I am looking forward to ordering a case! Thanks for the replies everyone.

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    Had no big problems with the old or new cases. Only one thing did came up was the left leg cuff was smooch down. All I did was to bring it back up so it was inline with other leg cuff. These are great diapers and no leaks.

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    Tried one of the "new" Teddy's last night and was very impressed. I never tried any Bambinos from the last batch but I did try the first ones and I can say that IMHO (at least as far as the Teddy's go) that they are the best version yet. Fit me much better, felt SO comfortable, held their shape very well under pressure and hold more than they did before. Very impressed.

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