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Thread: Buying over the net

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    Default Buying over the net

    Hi. I am trying to buy diapers over the internet. I read the wiki on buying diapers and found good information. I may try a prepaid card but I am leaning toward using cash. I don't want my dad to get the diapers before me, so I was wondering if there is a way to schedule a delivery, like a specific time and day. I looked it up on ups but haven't found much luck. I am also looking for other sites that accept cash, preferably cloth diaper sites.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, no site is going to accept cash. It would be a profoundly bad idea to mail cash anyway. There's a fairly good chance a prepaid card would work, or perhaps a money order.

    As far as scheduling a delivery time with UPS -- they can tell you when to expect it, but you can't tell them what time to deliver it. After all, they have a pre-calculated route and such. If you're worried about someone else intercepting or being suspicious, call your local UPS store or other mailbox store and see if they will receive packages. You will find for a couple bucks many will gladly receive your shipments.

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    I think you can get like a prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift card, and I guess it works like a credit card, where you can use it anywhere. Just get one of those, and buy online.

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    Guess I should have googled before I posted... You can have things sent to your Main Post Office and they will hold it for 30 days.

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    Come to think of it, I just ordered something with a Prepaid Visa Card. I would suggest this! It is easy, and you don't need a bank account or credit history. Just make sure that when you order you opt out of sales flyers - they will be sent to your house otherwise. You can buy a prepaid card at Rite Aid, Walmart, etc.

    As far as recieving it: do you have any friends you trust enough to hold it? My grandparents trust me and never inquire about what I'm buying so I usually ship to them. On one occasion, my mother did overhear a conversation about a box and asked me what was in it. I told her it was a sling for a Norinco rifle...she actually believed me!

    Good Luck

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    On one occasion, my mother did overhear a conversation about a box and asked me what was in it. I told her it was a sling for a Norinco rifle...she actually believed me!
    Quote Larry the Cable guy: That's funny right there!

    Yes a pre-paid credit card will do you good and having things shipped to your main post office is good too.

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    I knew about the shipping to post office, but I didn't know every single post office, (if it is your main one) does it. Thanks dcviper.

    Now, where can you buy those cards, I'm going to try to google and post it on here.

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    Thanx to all this has helped me alot.

    I have come up with another idea. Ive I had a PO box, then I could recieve the shipment there.

    How old do you have to be to have a PO box and can you ship to a PO box?

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    Default PO Boxes

    According to the US Postal Service, minors cannot apply for a PO Box online, but does not say anything about applying in person. You can even check availability online.

    That having been said, I still think it's a better plan to have them sent General Delivery. It's free, and all you need is a drivers license or student ID to pickup.

    PO Box FAQs

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    I was googling that, and I found out that minors can get a PO box, need 2 forms of ID, and minors can have one unless guardians write a note to the Post Office that they cannot have one.

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