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Thread: New non-ADBL who wants to learn more about it

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    Default New non-ADBL who wants to learn more about it

    Hey, I'm a Non-ABDL who wants to learn more about it, and how I can get into role playing with my girlfriend who is an abdl, if anyone can offer tips or advice please pm me

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    Hi there Sfenyes. I don't think I'm the best at giving advice for RP scenarios (lacking a girlfriend myself), but I'm sure a few people will get around to PMing you. In the meantime, let me give you a warm welcome and a big thank you for being an open and accepting boyfriend and wanting to learn more to spend time with your girlfriend doing something unusual that she's interested in.

    Also, it might help people answer if they knew more about your situation. We don't need to know your name or anything, but roughly how old you two are, if your girlfriend has expressed interest in playing any particular age or scenarios, or other stuff besides ABDL that the two of you are into.

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    Welcome to the site! It is wonderful that you are being so supportive of your girlfriend. Not everybody is nearly so open-minded.

    You are certainly in the right place, have a good look around the forums and take a look at some of the historical discussions. It also sounds like you may have a few ideas for starting threads. Most of the forums have a "sticky" to say what they are for but you will get a feel from reading the active threads.

    It is great to have you here,


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    I used to be in a similar boat, and I wish I was more open to such role playing back then like you are. Still, just remember to set boundaries: If there's something she wants you to do that you're not all too comfortable with (for instance, changing her diapers), let her know and talk about it. If you're really committed to this, then you guys can find a way to ease into those certain activities.

    Welcome to the group.

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    I have questions myself. I am mostly just DL and my husband not ABDL at all. He wants to be very supportive, but I have no fantasies about getting him involved. Maybe I just need to send the kids on vacation so we have more time to explore without interruptions.

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