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Thread: Where to from here.

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    Default Where to from here.

    Hey guys and gals.

    I'm having trouble trying to identify me to well me.

    I don't mean this just in the way of abdl but also in general day to day life.

    I feel as if I am going insane, Am I?

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    I was going through the same thing several months ago, and what really helped me was self contemplation and general experimentation of different stuff.
    And no your not going insane. People who are insane can't believe or feel that their insane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pioneerford View Post

    I feel as if I am going insane, Am I?
    nope, it's just your age.
    roundabouts now, you're coming the end of puberty (at least, neurologically), emerging from it as a fully-fledged adult, and it will be a case of asking yourself, "what now?"
    well, 'now' is about making a name for yourself, rather than arbitrarily being given a name. of course, you've no doubt never been told how to do that, but you can find clues in the age-old names around you: Smith, Arkwright, Fletcher, etc.
    that is, you are as you do. establishing that takes work, time and friendships.

    of course, you'll also be finding out if the choices made by you, and by others for you, throughout your childhood and adolescence, are the right ones for you.
    i can only wish you luck.

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