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Thread: Dumbest injury ever?

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    Default Dumbest injury ever?

    I got a cut on my wrist from playing Marco Polo with multiple swimming pools, I was "it" and had to walk with my eyes closed to the other pool and it didn't end well :p
    What stupid injuries have y'all obtained? Lets see who has the funniest story xD

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    Most of my injuries have been tragic rather than funny, like walking in front of a car moving at 40 mph. But it seems like I'm constantly hitting my elbows against the door frames of my house. It's like they keep getting narrower and narrower, plotting against my elbows. I have absently minded closed kitchen drawers with my fingers still in the upper part of the drawer. I tend to think about other things rather than the one thing I'm doing....sigh.

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    I have an interesting one. I was biking and coming up on a curve in the road to the right. I steered to the right and straightened my wheel. However, my foot got caught on the wheel, forcing the bike to stop instantly and sending me flying over the handlebars into concrete at 15 miles/24 kilometers per hour. If that wasn't bad enough, it looked like I was going to land head first, so I slightly tucked in my head and still managed to hit and injure my head, my shoulder, my arm, my back, and my legs.

    Through a series of interesting circumstances, I was able to get away with some decently sized scrapes and some headache, nausea, and noise sensitivity. Fortunately, I was wearing a helmet (which I had started doing only a month before). Otherwise, I probably wouldn't be here today (which would be an even more dumb injury) as I could have hit a major artery in the temple, cracked my skull, and gotten major brain injury. Also, there were no cars behind me, saving me from being hit by a car.

    If I have learned anything from this event, it is this: Never underestimate the value of safety recommendations (And always wear a helmet when biking.).

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    All of my injuries have been horribly dumb. Slammed thumb in a door hinge in which I was the only person anywhere near the door, broken toe via walking into a wall without anybody else around and no impediments on the floor stand out particularly.

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    Playing football on the tile floor of my dad's basement. In socks. The important thing, I made the catch. The bad part, my feet slipped out from under me and I landed on my back. Still having problems today with it, this happened 11 years ago.

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    When I was 13 I decided it would be cool to try to melt the brass of an unspent primer cap to a shotgun shell. At the time I thought it would only shoot a spark out of the top. After lighting a match and holding it under the cap for a couple minutes, it went off with the power of a .22 shell.

    When the ringing in my ears stopped, I realized there was a hole in my jeans. I touched the hole and my finger had blood on it. The cap had shot into my leg and I needed to have it surgically removed.

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    I once ran face first into a mailbox while riding my gas powered scooter. I was going 50+ then all of the sudden time slowed down and i realized what everything meant for just a split second. it was such a surreal and profound moment.
    Then about 30 minutes later i woke up in a daze all bloody and confused, then I continued to ride my broken scooter to the hospital.

    It wasn't the dumbest thing ive ever did but it sure was interesting.

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    Dumbest injury?

    Wow, all of mine have been rather gruesome or tragic. I guess the dumbest one I can think of is when I unintentionally whack my head on something that isn't above height. Huh, I've had a few of those derp moments...

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    The most ironic one has probably been falling from a tree in my childhood.

    I've been 9 years old by the time and while playing with some friends I climbed on a really small tree in the garden of a very good friend at that time.
    I don't remember exactly but he and another friend made some very ridiculous stuff below me while also trying to get on the tree. In the end I just started to laugh that much so I lost my balance and fell on the grass.
    Well they had their laugh then and I had a sprained ankle. Besides that I looked like I had a bath in a haystack.

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    My best one was when I was 3 years old chasing my brother out the back door then back in the front until he shut the front door and I ran in to it still got the scar from the 3inch cut above my left eye
    my latest is dropping an front wheel drive gear box on my finger

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