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Thread: CVS/Rite-Aid Wetness Indicator?

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    Default CVS/Rite-Aid Wetness Indicator?

    I was wondering if the CVS or Rite-Aid diapers have wetness indicators b/c I want an adult diaper without the wetness indicator. I would look on CVS's website, but they dont have any pictures up. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The only kind of diapers I've found without wetness indicators are Secure Xplus size small, ABUniverse, Bambino and Attends w/ waistband (somewhat, I've seen pictures where they have 2 yellow lines. the ones I've gotten only have really light print that says what size they are, and its not an indicator).

    The walgreens I've tried have a yellow indicator that turns blue when wet (if I remember correctly).

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    yes, the CVS/Walgreens ones have an indicator. I've used them plenty of times before so i know.

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    Some do, others don't...From my experience, the ones with 2 tapes on each side do, but they also sometimes have single tape ones...In which case there is no indicator...I'd suggest the 2 tapes ones, and they also seem to be what they usually have...Although there are sometimes the one tape ones...And this is all CVS, as I haven't been to a Walgreens...Ever

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    Dang, I really wanted to get some diapers without wetness indicators locally, b/c I cant order off of the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garnetandblack2107 View Post
    Dang, I really wanted to get some diapers without wetness indicators locally, b/c I cant order off of the internet.
    Well like I said, if they have 1 tape per side, they might not have indicators...Just look at the package, as they should tell you...Why do you not want wetness indicators?

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    I dont really know why, I just dont like the look of them

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