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Thread: Under The Lil Hood

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    Greetings all, my name is for me t'know and y'all to not care too much about. feel free to ask as I shall divulge as I deem fit. You all have your own sense of what you wish secret, considering the place we're all in. Here's hoping that we all truly have such a thing *cough* diapers *cough* in common.

    I have my fair share of secrets and hiding places for such things. binged and purged and had my coming to terms. despite all of this, I'm still young and on a tireless (hah! not really...) journey. I merely stand before you (heh... technically?) as a new brother among many(brothers AND sisters... and respective daddies, mommies, littles, DLs, ect...). As we all strive for something different, I would like to learn from you as much I can. Every waking day, knowledge and understanding is all we can seek and offer for tranquility. (lol, tranquility. isn't that a brand?)

    I ask you now, who stands before me? the mocker? the bully? no, THEY matter not! for we overcome! for we stand beside one another! United, not by our common interest, but by empathy, kindness, love, and tolerance!

    okay, I'm that's enough. Hi, my name's LilBabyHood. feel free t'ask me my real name if you (or I) would be so bold. Again, yes, I'll respect your privacy as I would hope that you would mine. I'm not saying that I won't tell you, but I am saying that you haven't introduced yourself to me yet either. However, so far, you could likely infer that I have a tenancy to ramble. writing gives me something to enjoy and play with in forums. so I apologize, preemptively.

    Ask me anything. I have questions of my own any way

    No, I didn't read the cheat sheets for introductions, so if I'm DOING IT WRONG, please tell me.

    I'm a long time gamer, former artist, former gaian (where the incessant typing began), and current stranger. But let's remedy that, shall we? together? maybe? no? aww, okay...

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    Welcome to the equally motley platform here.

    You seem to have an augmented level of energy that comes through. Just sayin'...

    I am sure you will find answers and conversation alike.

    Edit: I just noticed you are a fellow valley member (Maricopa County, AZ). Right on!

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    Cool, someone from Arizona. Nice to technically meet you

    If I came off as overly enthusiastic, it could be either because it's simply how I type or that I am usually somewhat of a lurker. or that I was incredibly tired, bored, and loopy last night... As or right now, (hey, guess what? same timezone! muahahahahaha!) good mornin'.

    Edit: or it could be the whole "level" system enticing me to post for further reward. maybe... I honestly don't know, myself

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    Well, if that is not one of the best introductions I have seen in a while…

    Great to have you on the forums, dive in and contribute anything that interests you. I am sure a little of that boundless energy and enthusiasm will rub off on the rest of us!

    We are a pretty easy going bunch round here so you should fit right in.

    Great to have you on forums,


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    Quote Originally Posted by SissyDLE View Post
    Well, if that is not one of the best introductions I have seen in a while…
    I honestly can't tell whether that's sarcasm or not. I'll just hope for the best.

    All I have to say is that I love your choice of profile picture. Would your closeted sissy/fem side be so classical and elegant as such? (if you don't mind me asking, of course)

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    You say that your a gamer, what system do you play on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toothless View Post
    OMG your profile pic (of toothless no less, lol, obviously...) is ABORABLE!

    I was raised Sony and Nintendo, but I own all gen Playstation (consoles) and a medium grade gaming rig (PC). I gave my NES to my older sister and my gamecube is collecting dust. still wondering if I should go WiiU or plain ol' inexpensive Wii. Mainly because I missed out on Skyward Sword.

    How about yourself?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianNukketes View Post
    Greetings from here!
    I'm not quite sure where "here" is, but I feel welcomed. thank you and it's nice to meet you, Mr. Brian

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    Im mainly just a PS3 gamer right now until i get a decent computer.

    Go for the regular Wii and spend the extra money on games or something.

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    but there's only a small handfull that catch my eye with the wii. Skyward Sword, Mad World, No More Heros, Mario Galaxy, and thaaaaaaaaat's pretty much it... so, I don't see the worth and I don't like spending a whole ton of my own dough if I don't see myself getting the whole worth of what I'm buying. Hell, I feel sort of let down by watchdogs and arkham origins. Aside from those two though: Uncharted 3, Infamous: SS, and Bioshock Infinite were sooooooo worth it.

    Anything you'd recommend for ps3? smaller games that were story driven like Two Brothers and Thomas Was Alone were amazing too.

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