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Thread: OMG, locked myself out of the house wearing a diaper

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    Default OMG, locked myself out of the house wearing a diaper

    Yup, I managed to do that today. Now admittedly I had clothes on over my diaper but jeepers I didn't expect to have to climb in a window. I have landscapers coming tomorrow to backhoe my yard and remove some trees so I went outside to get toys and such off the lawn. All my kids are on vacation away from home for 2 weeks so as soon as I got home from work today I changed out of my uniform and into a diaper and comfy clothes. I went out a door I never use because all the cats were huddled at the main door to get out and I don't want them out. Only I forgot to unlock the door before pulling it shut (it opens while still locked from the inside but not the outside). I didn't realize my mistake until I finished the yard work and had wet my diaper and was headed back inside. Only all the doors were locked. Did I mention I am home alone for the next 2 weeks lol So I had to pull out the step ladder so I could wriggle my way in through my son's bedroom window (only window you can open from outside). Yeah not easy. Good grief, what a way to start my padding time. I was so worried I was going to need to call someone to let me into my house, which would have meant walking to a friend's place up the street and then waiting around all with a wet diaper on under my jeans. For some here that might be a daily occurrence for them but it really is something I have never done before. So yeah that was my adventure today. Let's hope the next 2 weeks pass more in padded bliss rather than padded panic haha

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    That sounds horrible. I always panick when this sort of stuff happens to me, even when i'm not diapered. Sounds like you handled it a lot better then I would have.

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    Ha ha. Nice save glad you got away with it.

    A few weeks ago I had the house to myself. I went out the back for a smoke, and pulled the door closed behind me. I drank a coffee, and browsed this site for a bit. I had an urge to pee, and seriously thought about wetting my track pants. It was a wet day, and I couldn't do another load of washing to hide the evidence, so I decided not to.
    Thank God!
    I had locked myself out. House was sealed up like a vault. I had to ring my daughters fiancÚ to come round and unlock it.
    I shudder to think what I would have done if I had wet myself as planned. Lol

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    I cured locking myself out of the house...

    On my new house I have old school type thumb button latches...and deadbolts...

    So, to lock the door you need your key to lock the deadbolt from locks on the regular latches...

    But, if somehow it happened I'd be in trouble, I don't have any neighbors with keys...just my gf...and I doubt I'd be able to pick them...they are medaco m3 locks...nice that I have a master key for all buildings and locks...but I guess they aren't the easiest to pick or break...I guess I could break a windows of course...

    P.S. put a hidden key or one of those key boxes outside...

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    Yeah, i did this recently too. I locked myself out because i went out to my car with my keys (thinking i had my house keys on my car keys like i usually do) and locked the door behind me. Unfortunately i had taken my house keys off at the time as my car was in and out of a repairer.

    Needless to say i was stuck outside in the middle of the night in a wet nappy underneath my clothes. Was not a fun experience to call a locksmith to come and let me in ... and i tried everything to get in (unfortunately my windows have metal screens on them so there is no way i could get in through a window). 300 bucks later i was able to get in my house. Not an experience i am likely to forget any time soon.

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    My bedroom window's the one thing I leave unlocked, because outside it is a fenced in arbor/garden area. If I locked myself out I'd just have to climb the chain link fence into that garden through my backyard, then climb into my window burglar style

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    Living in a trailor I would need extra padding to survive the narrow metal window seals. My house has thick rock walls and wide window seals, but I will probably need padding just in case. Our tub has the sliding door so I can't sit on the edge of the tub or it is just like a narrow window frame that feels like it is cutting me in two if I sit on it. I guess I will need to be padded in the tub.

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    Locked myself out a few years ago, but thankfully I wasn't wearing. After an hour with a 1# fishing hook and some line, I was able to get in the sliding glass door. Now that I have AAA, I would just give them a quick call.

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    Default once or twice

    locked myself out. But I have a few trusted neighbors that have a key in case I need it. No family in the area. If I locked myself out I'd almost certainly be padded, being basically 24/7. I've done it twice, both times the same way. I had a habit of always turning the lock on when I would open the door, because I kept forgetting to lock it. So if I stepped outside without my keys I would just close the door to touching, not latching.

    BUT.... if the screen door's window is closed, it has a good seal on the doorway. And when I pull it open, it can easily pull the inner door shut, with a sickening *click*. Done that twice. Now I have a bit of a phobia of leaving my house without my keys in my pocket, door locked or not. When I walk out the door, I pat my pocket to make sure I have keys. And when I get ready to step into my truck, I pat my wallet to make sure I have that. Really annoying to be checking out at the grocery or BK and discover you forgot your plastic!

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    I will never lock my house again unless I'm actually leaving.

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