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Thread: History of AB/DLs or infantilism

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    Default History of AB/DLs or infantilism

    I have to admit up front, I have 2 reasons for posting this. First, I've always wondered what's up that villain Deeker. What happened? Not the sort of thing that shows up in the news, I suppose.

    Which brings me to a much better topic: I was wondering about notable events in the history of AB/DLs or infantilism; certainly, much of the history of this unique trait must be linked to the development and proliferation of the internet, but perhaps 'we' were around even earlier. I wonder when groups of people like us started to realize they were not alone.

    Perhaps there's not much to say on this topic...although I'm sure at some point it'd be an interesting conversation.

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    Default History of AB/DL

    :bunny: Don't know if this thread will be closed because it has been covered over and over in threads and in Answers Wiki. For me, until the internet came on the scene, information regarding AB/TL matters were very hard to come by. A few medical/psychological/mental health definitions existed but usually cast it in a sexual deviance light. Other sources were Adult magazines such as Penthouse Forum or was it Penthouse Letters that was published monthly. Out of 12 monthly issues )a years worth), you might find four or five references letters or articles; many of which were as short as the typical post on this site. Most of my Letters magazines were kept with my stash of Adult Baby things. Due to the limited material on the subject, I assumed I was quite a freak for being interested/turned on by this stuff. When the internet came along AB/DL availability increased, but I was quite turned off by the commercial and sleazy nature of most of the stuff. Still there were some good regression stories and actual accounts of individuals playing baby or involved in such things. So I tried to sift and sort what I could to affirm my interests. I knew I would never be on the extreme freaky ends of things; this would remain on the private, intimate side of self that I would nurture and cherish. In the 1980's came the tide of self-help gurus and books. One popular notion in therapy circles (that I was involved in as a practitioner) was the (new) notion of healing or nurturing the inner child. This was a wildly popular theme - something, BTW that my parents would have dismissed as pure bullshit. I went quite a while with very limited access to the internet (2004 until October of 2008). I stumbled upon this site. Wow! Cool! A place where I can be validated/accepted/understood.
    Well, perhaps not. (Please don't take this wrong folks). The site is inundated by teens as young as 13 years old. And teens, as we know, already have everything figured out, are the only ones that are authentic, open, searching, valid or to be trusted. It feels as if 50-60% of the teens found AB/TB/DL sites on the internet and are simply experimenting, as if they are trying out a new video game, buying the newest brand-name of clothing or shoes, or other latest pop culture fad that their friends are checking out.
    I may be way out on a limb on this assessment. I even read a post about the image of the NEW *baby, as if us older members of ADISC created or promoted some unhealthy, sleazy image regarding a AB/TB/*B/DL lifestyle or experience.

    All I know is, all of us have to find out who we are and be true to that. Every member of this community will age; Let's see how that turns out for you. :bunny:
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    Thanks for the insight, Diapered Rabbit. I wondered if this topic might be a bit redundant...mods, kill it (with fire!) if you like--I'll have a look through the wikis.

    However, I had no idea any of this was ever in a non-abdl magazine. And it's always interesting to hear the perspective of someone who came of age without the luxury of 'finding him(or her)self' using the internet. A few years ago, I had the notion that perhaps someone out there has the same interests I do, so why not ask Google? I'd hate to think how isolated and flawed I'd feel without knowing how many others have similar desires.

    Well, thanks for the food for thought. A thread on ADISC may not be the place to continue pondering, but I'll keep an eye out for more info.

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    I have heard that DPF was the original network for AB/DL, and that originally it was somewhat of a mailing list and advertised in porn magazine classifieds, or something like that.

    I am curious too. Sometimes I see photographs that look like they date to the 70s, or at least 80s of girls or guys in what look like adult baby clothes, but it doesn't seem like there would have been a market for them before the vastness of the internet.

    It'd also be interesting to hear about something that predates the late 40's (cause, that seems to be about the time our oldest members would've been children and aware of their feelings). Anything, even if just a doctor/psychological account of somebody acting like a baby or attraction to diapers beyond infancy. That would be truly interesting.

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    In 1970 as a college student I sat in the waiting room of a big residential mental institution, waiting to see my psychologist for the first time because my mom found me out, and made the appointment. I was scared, depressed and embarrassed. I looked around the waiting room at other adults and kids, and wondered what they were there for. I felt like I had gone insane, and maybe I had. I was called into the doctor's office and I had to tell him about what brought me there. It's something I will always remember. It's been said that for as long as there have been diapers, there have probably been people old enough to not have to use them, but wanted to.

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    Historically, traces of AB/DL go as far back as to the Roman Empire. When horrifically wounded in battle, and have survived the rather poor medical treatment of the ancient times, a soldier would be sent back home. Upon arrive home, he was promptly dressed in 'swaddling clothes' (A diaper held up by wrapping it around the entire body) and other baby clothes. He would slowly gain back adult responsibilities as his body healed and he regained the use of his limbs. He would then return to full adulthood and go on being a manly roman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babymullet Ver 9.8 View Post
    Historically, traces of AB/DL go as far back as to the Roman Empire. When horrifically wounded in battle, and have survived the rather poor medical treatment of the ancient times, a soldier would be sent back home. Upon arrive home, he was promptly dressed in 'swaddling clothes' (A diaper held up by wrapping it around the entire body) and other baby clothes. He would slowly gain back adult responsibilities as his body healed and he regained the use of his limbs. He would then return to full adulthood and go on being a manly roman.
    That's not really ABDL though. Extra, almost infantile care and diapers have been used to help heal the wounded for a long time and it's still used today.

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    As far as on the internet goes, here's some of what I recall from websites past and present.

    There was a social group on Usenet, well before the days of the typical modern site forum and whatnot. The Usenet group was one of the first *BDL networks/newsgroups on the internet. From what I remember hearing, they had a mailing list and organised meetups and the like.

    At some stage you may see someone refer to a site called "Yior". Basically, it a pedo site [rather poorly] disguised as a *BDL site. It basically hosted pictures of young children (I'm talking all ages under 10), some in diapers, some in just clothes, some not even in either of those things, but still scantily covered. Eventually it got reported, taken down and the site owner busted up by the feds, IIRC.

    Taken from the website:

    DPF is the world's oldest and the largest organization (by far) in the world devoted to adult babies and diaper lovers. How old is DPF, you may ask? Well, long before the Web, long before Windows, before Mac's, before DOS, almost before the first commercial personal computers were available, there was DPF. Beginning almost 20 years ago, thousands of adult babies and diaper lovers around the globe have been corresponding, meeting, having parties, finding mommies or daddies, falling in love and forming permanent life-long relationships - thanks to DPF. Since 1980, well over 15,000 people from all over the world have found happiness in DPF. It is our fondest hope that we can share this with you, too.

    In regards to the *BDL scene, DPF is definitely one of the sites that has been around for a long time. It peaked for a while having been a really active place for both teens and adults alike. This continued on until people realised that it harboured quite a few paedophiles, notably the Teen Chatroom, which felt more like a pickup service for the creepy, sicko types. Surprisingly, over the years, the place has not changed design in the slightest, it still attracts annoys people with the background, site layout and, of course, freaks many out with your typical "omg do u mess?!?!" feel to the forums. A dangerous site that, unfortunately, many new people to the fetish find before more respectable places.

    Deeker's site has been around since May of 1996 and the owner has enjoyed it's status as being one of the most popular sites for *BDL stories (read, NOT literature). I'm sure the majority of people within the fetish community would either know about Deeker's, regularly visit Deeker's or submit content to Deeker's. In its 12 years of operation, the site has maintained a steady stream of submissions.

    In a more opinionated light, the site basically caters to the fantasies of the owner, having strictly dedicated the content to focus around young boys in diapers. Go ahead, try submitting a story or sighting about a girl, it'll get knocked back quicker than a skydiver without a parachute. He seems to have birthed the site out of his own ideal of a "perfect diaper boy" and ultimately centres the whole site around the notions that "all boys belong in thick, white diapers" and that they "should be highlighted and exposed at every conceivable opportunity by the females that look after them and treat them like babies".

    The biggest catch to the site, however, is that he claims it doesn't support nor condones paedophiles in any respect, yet the majority of content on his site is wanking/fantasy material. A sizable portion of it involving sex between minors, forced humiliation, diaper usage and regression of minors and some other things that are child abuse by any strech of the imagination.

    Still one of the major *BDL sites in existence. Quite a large site with a huge member-base (where I assume most are more interested in the Gallery than making genuine friendships). It's not a bad site, it's just not one you go to when you are looking for something more than discussion about diapers or baby-stuff. It's usually one of the first sites new people to the fetish come across.

    Although, I will mention it has had a few problems with paedophiles in the past (as if the big stamp of "Paedophiles are not welcome here!" on the front page was any giveaway). There was a case not too long ago that lead to a few tightened restrictions on the place. But all I can say is - if you are young, just take caution if you go there.

    It's a good site, I don't have too much of a problem with it. When I was active on there, there were some cool people who just made the place really special. It was the first non-creepy *BDL community I ever came across, so it does mean a lot to me. The site alone put into perspective that I could participate in this fetish and not feel awkward or disgusted about it.

    As you probably can gather, I have an account on there (quite an old one, mind you - registered in April 2004, which is years earlier than a lot of the people currently using the site), but I don't really use it anymore because I made a decision to leave the site. Why? Well, for the most part it's just not as active as I liked it to be. I would force myself to not log on for a couple of days just to bring the new post count up to something substantial to flick through. That was a bit of a drag.

    Other than that, for the longest time I never saw any of the admins active on the site, which lead me to feel they no longer cared about it. There was a time before my official departure from the site where I left for about a year (the same time I left and I came back to all new faces. My problem wasn't so much as having to integrate into these people's way of things, it was that I felt they made no genuine effort to include anyone outside their social circle. That was fine by me, I just collected my things and left. Looking at the site now, very little has changed. The same faces are still there, it's still not very active (which is both a good and bad thing).
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    :bunny: Wow, Lukie, you should be considered our resident site historian - good job - seems to bring me more up-to-date. I remember DPF - still creeped me out somewhat. Again thnks for the most informative post. :bunny:

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    I feel like I should've paid tuition before reading all that--very interesting stuff.

    I think DPF was the first site I ever found when I first got the notion to search. Thankfully I found a nice forum (now gone--just vanished).

    Dang--out of time. Would write more but I've gotta get going.

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