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Thread: Greetings AB/DL Community!! & A Couple Questions

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    Default Greetings AB/DL Community!! & A Couple Questions

    Hey, I'm a high school graduate who loves reading, writing, art, acting, composing music and a lot of other fun stuff!

    My Infantilist side/Why I'm Here (Please read all before judging):
    I'm more of a caretaker with growing Diaper Lover tendencies: I have a both a sexual fetish and non-sexual fascination with wearing diapers and women with AB/DL tendencies. However, I'm trying to avoid the sexual aspect of it all, because
    1) I have personal beliefs against pre-marital promiscuity
    2) I don't want to look at women for what they wear under their pants. When I focus on that, I miss how awesome those women are.

    I'm here to connect with people who are like me and discuss this aspect of my life which is growing in importance. In fact, I'm really only mentioning the sexual side of the matter because I want to just sort of spill out all of the stuff I've been keeping bottled up. Other than therapists, I've only told 2 people: one of my parents and my (now ex) girlfriend (PS: She didn't leave me because of the fetish thing. She was surprisingly okay with that).

    More About Me:
    I have a lot of hobbies. I was a graphic designer for my school's robotics team, have had prominent roles in 5 onstage productions, and did a monologue in the Florida Thespians festival in Tampa. Also, I like to impress people on the Internet by telling them about all of my worldy accomplishments that give me temporary self-assurance before their significance crumbles into the dust of irrelevance (related note: Are you impressed yet? ARE YOU?)
    I also love writing, mainly fictions and short stories. I love meeting new people, so don't be shy!

    Newbie Questions:
    What's a Sissy?
    Is it uncool to have a real picture of yourself as your avatar/profile pic? I hardly see anyone doing it.
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    A sissy is a male Abdl who likes to dress up as a little girl. And the profile pic use at your own caution.

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    Firstly, good intro! Not everybody manages that.

    With respect to your profile picture, please bear in mind that part of the site is viewable by the general public should they wish to. As such, very few of us would ever use our own photograph. Personally, I would change it if I were you.

    You will find, that there is a section of the site for storytelling. If you love writing, I think that you would be quite at home there. In fact there are quite a few people willing to proof read stories and provide editorial comment.

    As to your newbie question: A Sissy is a male who likes to dress up in very girly clothes but it usually also has a fairly submissive side so quite often enjoy another person taking control. Indeed there may actually be a humiliation element to it. You will see that I am listed as a Sissy/LG. I am much more LG than Sissy but what goes on in my head...

    Meanwhile, have a good look around the site and contribute where you can. We are very glad to have you here.


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    Thanks so much for the help and the kind words! I took down the pic! Looking forward to getting to know y'all!

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    I would imagine controlling your desires is hard regardless of what fetishes you may have I doubt diapers make it easier or harder than for people not interested in them. Anyway Hi I'm new also but have been in to the scene for a long time well since I first got the internet aged about 13 and realised I wasn't the only person in the world with this fetish, which was nice.

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    Welcome! Self-discovery can be a daunting and sometimes bewildering process. We're here to help and support in any way we can.
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