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Thread: Have you told anyone about your dl side?

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    Default Have you told anyone about your dl side?

    If not, who would you tell if you had to?

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    I didn't tell her, she found out, but we had a long conversation afterwards, my mom.

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    I told one friend, shortly after I first started to wear diapers again. I'd fantasized for a long time, but I was a bit worried about actually indulging that fantasy (was thinking "have I crossed some kind of line"), so I felt like I needed to tell somebody. She was incredibly supportive. I told her over Skype and she gave me time to type out everything I had to say and then talk it over with her, including everything I was worried about and her own reaction to the whole thing. She ultimately came down as saying that it's wrong to be ashamed or worried about something that makes you really happy, and I totally agreed and still do agree. =)

    I have also told my mother that I have a fetish, but not the nature of the fetish. It came up in one of those "why don't you have a wife and kids?" type conversations and I said I had some concerns about my sexuality and that I had a fetish and was looking for someone that was okay with that. She didn't want to know more and was surprisingly understanding as well, basically saying not to worry, you'll eventually find the right person regardless.

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    Only my SO.

    And frankly I have no intention or need to tell anyone outside of direct involvement about any of my kinks.
    Just as my best friends don't need to know what sex positions I favor or stuff like that. I consider it private matter and have no need to share such intel with anyone who isn't involved (in this case my SO and no one else).

    I never really understood the need some people feel to share their kink stuff with friends - let alone their parents.
    Personally I don't need to know if my parents are into top-shelve rubber kink play and if my dad likes to get that strap on action rolling or if they're into swinger-parties...
    Whatever... none of my concern, none of my business and it works the other way round too.
    Why would I want to let my mom or my dad in on my sex life?

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    I did a piss poor job of disposing of dirty diapers. Mom went snooping and took out my trash and found them

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    Various friends. Therapists, my siblings, etc. The responses varied but as I only told people I implicitly trusted, I never regretted the decision afterwards.

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    I was discovered at a very young age by my parents. I've been ABDL since the age of 3, and there was no end in sight onward from there as when I turned 4 my mom opened up a home daycare. Sitting in the family room of my house day and night was an all-you-can-wear buffet of pull-ups, diapers of all brands, and all the fixings that go with them. I introduced it to a couple of the daycare kids my age who had outgrown them, including my next door neighbor, and they enjoyed trying them too. I didn't wear constantly but it wasn't long before I developed a stash and got bold, wearing them under clothes as a kindergartner and moms don't exactly keep their distance from their 5-year old son, so I was caught then, and several times in the years after that. Luckily my parents aren't the uptight yuppie conservative type to assume I have a mental disorder and so no freakouts or even reprimands - they've never really confronted me about it after I became an adolescent. Thank ya JEEZUS

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    I have never told anyone. If I absolutely had to it would probably be a situation where I am going through a room inspection and they are found, then all I could do is be honest.

    -Fred Fredburger

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