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    I've been an ABDL for a while now, and as I have embraced the lifestyle, over time I've developed other interests (I think I'm becoming a bit of a Brony now).

    My thought, or rather question is, has anyone else experienced this kind of thing, where you find another element to add to your lifestyle?

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    Yep, definitely have "acquired" more interest as I've indulged more (I probably haven't really acquired anything at all but have realized that I had more interest then I thought at first). I used to always just say I was a DL and not an AB, but over the last couple years I have realized that I like some AB things.

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    I just recently had this happen. I don't consider myself a sissy by any means. But in my recent purchase of all in one diapers (I have been buying a lot of them recently through Monica: Dependeco adult cloth diapers) I decided to buy myself a pink hello kitty diaper. Don't know why, accept that I thought it would be fun to wear pink, and hello kitty print is really quite cute.

    So far...I love it.

    I think we all probably find ourselves a little bit more interested in things we didn't originally figure we would.

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    Definitely. I have always first and foremost been into wet pants above everything else.

    I wore diapers as a child for bed wetting, and back then they were just a tool I used to save the bed. I neither loved nor hated diapers, I just wore them cause I REALLY hated getting my sheets wet. It's kinda funny to look back on now. It was never the fact that I would pee in my sleep that bothered me, just the fact of having a wet bed. I guess that because I couldn't help peeing, the diapers offered a solution to the problem.

    After the bed wetting stopped at 11, I got more interested in just wetting my pants when I could get away with it.

    I didn't think much about diapers until my late teens, then it was just thinking about them more and more as a possible fun thing instead of a tool. I had heard the term ""Adult Baby" and seen pictures of grown men wearing nappies and bibs etc. but frankly found them a bit disturbing.

    Once I heard of "Diaper Lovers" however, my interest was piqued.

    Now, thanks to ADSIC, I have come to understand that being AB can encompass being a "Little" as well.

    So my progression can be named. Started as a wetter, became a DL, now identify as a Little.

    It's nice to finally know I'm not the only one who likes feeling little, but not actually baby-ish.

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    I think that's life in general. You go through life discovering new things. Some things you like, some you don't. For me, my taste in music and favorite artists is always expanding. Of course, it's expanding BACKWARDS in terms of time. I'm now very much into early 20th century popular music. (1920's and prior that isn't Jazz or Ragtime, both of those I already liked).

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