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Thread: How long do you wait before changing?

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    Question How long do you wait before changing?

    I just how long you occasionally wait before changing.
    I know it might be an odd question but I'm just curious.
    So do you immediately change or do you just sit there for awhile?

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    To me, it all depends. Diaper I'm wearing is also a factor. Plus how wet I am as well....or messy. Usually around 30 mins

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    Depends on the situation. If the diaper is absorbent enough to keep my skin mostly dry, then I'll either continue to wear it until it becomes too full or close to it, or until I feel like changing it. Personally, while I enjoy wearing diapers, I find it a bit more comfortable when I've wet one. I don't keep it on long enough to cause diaper rash, though. That is very unpleasant. I keep personal wipes on hand at all times for that, too.

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    I don't have sensitive skin So I wait till night to change when I throw one on early in the morning (On random days and only for wetting, Never for messing)

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    A wet diaper feels good, but so does changing into a clean dry one. While wearing a wet one for a short time, say half hour or do is great, when the start to cool down an bunch up, not do much.
    For me, I'd say I wet it until it's maxed out, stay in it for 20-30 minutes, then change

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    If it's a really absorbent diaper like a Bellisimo, I'll keep it on for as many wetting as it can hold, since the first wetting you barely even feel (aside: doubt this is helping me with potty training. :p). If I'm wearing a diaper and it's getting close to full, I'll keep it on for a bit, maybe 10-20 minutes, but then change. I don't ever want to have to hold it when I've got a diaper on for fear of leaking.

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    I most frequently wet my diaper overnight. but then I'm often going into it having put away a few bottles of water before bed so the conclusion is inevitable

    I have been known to overdo it and leak a bit, and that will usually get me out of bed for a change.

    During the day, I often marathon a diaper since I am basically 24/7. I don't use while at work though, and often it gets wet on the way home or otherwise shortly after getting home, and I change then. ('use it or lose it', since the diaper is usually mechanically pretty shot after 8 hrs of wear, hate to waste it

    I have to pay attention to my skin though, it's sensitive enough to get real ugly real fast if it gets unhappy. If I get the slightest twinge in my skin (wet or dry) I need to react quickly to prevent problems. Doing a good cleanup job every change helps a lot. If my skin is in good condition (like it is now) I'll have no problem spending most of overnight in a wet diaper.

    But I don't spend daytime wet very long. I've got stuff to do, and it's difficult to be productive in a wet diaper. They tend to break down much faster when wet. Overnight is much better for them, no movement.

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    I wear for need which is 24/7. After my shower in the morning I put on a premium disposable. I stay in it for around 7 hours
    on the average. I'll use it about six times in that period. Plus I will have a couple times I pull it down for #2's. When I change
    I switch to cloth and the first one will be used on average of four times. When I change for overnight I'll use that on average
    of five times before it comes off after I get up.

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    The best feeling is a fresh warm wet diaper. It needs to be changed before it cools down.
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