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Thread: anyone tried these diapers

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    Default anyone tried these diapers

    They sound like they are equal to Bambino Bianco.

    XP Medical - Absorbency Plus Adult Diapers

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    Yep, there's been a lot of conversation about them here.


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    I've been wearing the Level 4's since they came out. With the tape improvements I've found them to be very good. I have not had
    had any leaks with them. For me I use them only as my daytime disposable.

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    There are good things about them and some bad.. the good things are that they are SUPER ABSORBENT they don't even need leak guards which adds to comfort, they are super thick and I love that. They are pretty cheap for a quality diaper. The last thing they have a wick strip which in my opinion stops some clumping..
    The down side to this diaper is the tapes are unforgiving, once stuck its on there so if you mess up the tape you are stuck in a loose diaper and no1 likes that... the plastic covering is really thin and easily ripped... for example I was wearing one a few days ago and when I put my jeans on I must have caught the front of my diaper in the zipper, needless to say I had a leak that looked like I wasn't even wearing a diaper at all... I would give this diaper a 7 out of 10 its good but definitely not the best... you want to know anything else about this diaper ask me..

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    I might try them.

    I'm not familiar with XP medical but I am going to look into it.

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    I have tried them but they just don't fit me well. I'm too small. They hold a lot though.

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