Hi there!

Anyway, about a year ago, I bought this:

...not sure if that posted right, but...

I have a 37-inch waist, and that thing was waaaaay too bit in the wing department. The wings overlap the velcro, leading to a flimsy diaper. I didn't really like it (loved the soft, soft soakers though).

But, the other week, I found that if I used a couple Boingo fasteners as if it were a cloth diaper (it's PUL-covered) I could make it as tight as I wanted, and now it's my go-to. I don't really care about it, so putting little holes in the PUL isn't a problem. Anyway, the little holes the Boingos make are are in the useless wing section, and a bit in the front of the diaper itself. Using the stuffers (awesome btw) and a good pant solves that future problem (the PUL is holding up really well).

Any other hacks out there? I wouldn't have recommended this diaper a few weeks ago, but now I'm sold.