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    No, I don't have a Texas accent, or country accent. My co-worker does and I give him lots of grief for his twang. Will never let him know that I love the country twang, despite hating with a passion country music.

    Going off the cheat-sheet:

    A bit about myself, Married, adopted several children my wife and I fostered for a year, & work as a service engineer. Love to travel, and fortunately do to my job, have traveled all over the globe.
    I am an easy going introvert and enjoy reading, (especially HP Fan-fiction, despite hating the books/movies) Also a major Harry Dresden Fan (Jim Butcher)

    I am mainly a DL, who flirts every so often with his AB side. Wife knows about my DL side, but not my AB. I suspect she suspects however
    My kids do not however, and I will keep it that way. Prefer Plastic (Abena X-Plus) but have used cloth before.

    As far as interests, I love to read (mainly sci-fi and Fantasy) although I mostly only have time to listen to audio books. Used to fence until I needed to focus on my studies. Trying to get back into it, but need to drop a bit of weight. Scuba Dive, and enjoy the odd computer game every now and then.
    Love the ocean, but glad I don't live in SoCal any more. Anytime I can spend with my kids in the water, I love!

    As far as what I expect from this site, just to chat with others about our common if eccentric hobby. From what I can tell, it is one of the rare sites that isn't pounding into our heads the AB/DL stuff.

    Anyhoo, Greetings!

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    Welcome clister! That was a great introduction! I'm an adoptive parent as well. In your travels, which country did you like visiting the most?

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    Favorite, Scotland. Spent 2 weeks working in England, and took a weekend to drive into Scotland. Beautiful, and actually enjoyed Haggis. Want to go back there and spend a couple of weeks of vacation. Someday, when the kids have grown up and moved.
    Okinawa Japan had the best food though.

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    Awesome! As you may know we have members here from all over the world.

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    I love to read too especially fantasy

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