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Thread: nervous about loving Adult Babies

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    Default nervous about loving Adult Babies

    I have always been interested in AB/DLs I find a man in diapers quite appealing. I don't know if this is normal. I fantasies about breast feeding and changing diapers. If I told my friends and family they'd think I was insane. I'm a very shy person and always try to fit in but I cant stop my interest. I really want to talk to people about adult babies. I'm really curios and have a lot of questions

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    You've come to the right place. We have all kinds here, including those who enjoy acting as caregivers to adult babies. No need to be shy!

    But we do like getting to know our new members a little better, so could you tell us a bit more about yourself? What are some of your other activities and interests?

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    Well you are about to be bombarded I have a feeling. There are so many guys looking for a caregiver like you. Only advice I would like to give you is remember to have a life outside care giving because a lot of ABDLs cling to the idea solely for awhile so make sure you aren't basing your entire relationship off of infantilism because a healthy relationship covers all aspects of our lives. Besides that, you are not crazy and welcome to the site! Most of us here would be assumed to be sort of crazy because of our obsession with diapers, other baby stuff, or just other quirks in general but that's what makes us people and individuals so don't try and be someone you aren't! And ask away with questions, that's what we are here for!

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    Welcome to the forums, You are in the right place.

    You might benefit from reading Rosalie Bent's book - There's a baby in my bed - There's a baby in my bed! :Learning to live happily with the Adult Baby in your relationship. eBook: Rosalie Bent: Kindle Store

    She is married to an AB so her experiences may help.

    Also, we do like to get to know people better, have a look at -

    I realise that you are shy but the more you interact with the forums, the more we can support you. This may be vital if you do get into a relationship with an ABDL. MotoX is correct, make sure that there is something else in common and also that you have some element of control as the ABDL lifestyle can be all encompassing to some. One thing that I have had to learn as a DL/LG is to strike a balance. Ok, I have occasionally worn a diaper to work BUT it was discrete. Yes, I /am padded in bed but not all the time. Only once an AB/DL/LG/Little/Sissy/Bf/DF finds a realistic balance and mutually respected boundaries will such a relationship work.

    Also consider your role. Is it purely as a care giver or will you occasionally swap roles? Worth thinking about. Some caregivers are just that. Others also have an ABDL part to them too.

    I wish you well and welcome.


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    Hi dreamworld,

    Its not entirely normal..but what is these days? welcome to forums. I've had relationships where diapers played a role (as sub and dom) so feel free to ask me anything. And of course: welcome to the forum.

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    thank you all. This website is filled with supportive people. KimbaStarsine asked for a little more about me. I am very artistic panting and sketching are what I do best but I can also sculpt and do pottery. I love to travel and have been to 6 countries( India, Canada, France, Jamaica, and Italy) I live in the U.S but my parents are from India. I was born and raised in the Sates. I love to cook. I am really friendly and will talk to anyone as long as hey are nice.

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    Dreamworld, curtsies to you.

    I definitely know how it feels to be shy. I actually used to be extreemely shy, honest truth. Someone once helped me to come out and not to be shy anymore. Things did not happen over night. The person helped me over time and I became a lot better of not being so shy. I shall never forget that person, I would not be here today, be so open, so out of my shell, nothing will get me back in it again. *Lol* I would only be too happy to communicate with you here, one ex shy person to one who is. At least you can I hope, take comfort in the fact that I really, truly know how it feels to be shy, nevervous, even cautious. We al need to know how to take the first steps, they can be little ones, in fact little steps are much better, but that is just a personal oppinion of mine. 'The slow path is well worth the reward.' (A Quote, but not too sure who said or if I have managed to get it right.)

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    well you sound wonderful, be sure to find a man that can be both a baby and a man when the situation occurs, and avoid anyone that just wants you to take care of them and doesn't give back anything to the relationship, find someone who is somewhat balanced, explore, and see if this is really for you, taking care of an adult baby can get tiresome and old, specially if there is no love. Keep an open mind, you never know what you will find, and as for people finding out or judging you, its a good bet that they have secrets or something they are ashamed of.

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    Welcome to adisc ita very friendly here and the mods are awesom. I wish you the best in your stay and sorry if you get bombarded.

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