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Thread: What Are The Most Intimate Things A Spouse Can Do For You?

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    Default What Are The Most Intimate Things A Spouse Can Do For You?

    I'm interested in what the most intimate act that a spouse could do for a person who is an AB/DL.

    For me it would be during a diaper change. First, she would need to have a genuine interest and acceptance concerning my diapers. In fact I would hope that it would give her as much or even greater pleasure to keep me in diapers and participate in my diaper changes.

    I would hope that during my diaper change she would speak to me as if I am an infant, calling me a baby and reminding me that I am nothing more than a infant when compared to her and that I am just a man and that I belong in diapers.

    I would love for her to take part in my diaper changes. When time for a diaper change she would instruct me to go to the bedroom and lay a towel on the bed, then get undressed and then lay down upon the towel and wait for her. After entering the room she walks up to the side of the bed and asks me how her big baby is doing. I tell her how I am doing and then she asks if I have wet or Yukee-pooed my diaper? Feeling great shame because I have wet and Yukee-pooed my diaper, I reluctantly answer her and tell her the status of my diaper. If I am not wearing a cage she continues to baby talk to me as she reaches down and begins massaging that teeny little remnant and excuse for manhood that I still possess. If possible she brings me to climax as she reminds me that she wants me addicted to diapers. (My wife knows that by sexualizing my diaper changes, that she is helping me become addicted to wearing them.) She wants me to crave my diapers. more than anything else in the world. She wants diapers to be the focal point of everything in my life. Keeping me in diapers gives her the ultimate in power and authority over me. Keeping me in diapers keeps my love and devotion focused upon her. Keeping me in diapers and treating me like a baby makes my love and commitment to her grow stronger each day.

    Since I've not only wet my diaper but have gone yukee-poo in it also, she tells me to get up off the bed and go to the bathroom where she will help get me cleaned up and into a fresh diaper. When she enters the bathroom she walks over to me and slips her fingers beneath the waistband of my plastic pants and begins pulling them down towards my feet. After I step out of the leg holes of the plastic pants she tells me to go ahead and remove my diaper and place it in the trash bag so I can dispose of it after I have been cleaned up and re-diapered. After removing my diaper she tells me to get in the shower and clean up so she can put a fresh diaper on her big baby.

    After getting cleaned up and dried off she instructs me to return to the bedroom and lie down on the bed. As she starts to put a fresh diaper on me she begins listing all the reasons why women (females) belong in control and why men (males) belong in diapers. She also list the many reasons why women are superior to men. She also reminds me that I am her baby and that I belong in diapers. First she rubs baby oil all over my privates and behind. Next comes a generous dusting of baby powder. I love the smell of baby powder. I find it intoxicating. Then she orders me to lift my behind up as she slips a fresh diaper underneath me. Next she brings the front of the diaper up and over my diaphragm until it just reaches my belly button. She fastens each of the tapes. Next she slides a pair of plastic pants up my legs and up to my belly button. Next she tells me to stand up beside the bed so she can inspect my diapers and plastic pants to make sure every thing is fastened properly and positioned correctly. This particular evening she wants me to be dressed in a plain white t-shirt and my diapers. Nothing else. Next she gives me a list of chores I must complete before bedtime and reminds me that if I complete my chores in a timely manner and do a good job, she will have a special treat for me. My wife decides what time I will go to bed. It can be as early as 8:00pm or as late as 10:00pm, but rarely later than that.

    After I report to her that I have finished my chores she instructs me to sit on the couch as she walks into the kitchen. In a few moments she returns to the living room with a warm bottle of milk. She has me lay my head in her lap as she holds my head up near her breast. She rubs the nipple of the bottle back and forth between my lips and slowly inserts it into my mouth as I begin sucking on it. I almost feel as if I'm in heaven, it feels so good.

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    Excellent post, I have shared the same with my wife. I do chores also to earn "babysitting time".

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