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Thread: Gone for a while, now I'm back

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    Default Gone for a while, now I'm back

    Hello fellow Adisc members!
    I'm back! I know... I know... I wasn't an active person to begin with, but I have started to become more open about my being a DL to several people close to me. Too my surprise, I have yet to have anyone reject me because of it. My last girlfriend and my current girlfriend each know about it and accepts me for who I am. My parents know and they are cool with it, so long as I keep it private, and keep everything out of sight: out of sight, out of mind. And, obviously, I make sure everything gets thrown out when dirty. One of my sisters knows, and Several of my close friends know. When I told them, the reaction I got was, okay, whatever floats your boat. They were happy that I trust them enough to share that secret of mine with them.

    I have been stocking up on supples for about a month now, and recently came into 40 ct packages of tena supers at a thrift store for $7.99 a package! What a deal! I now have approximately 300 appropriately sized diapers of various brands, and about 100 smaller sized diapers as stuffers, and about 40 or so actual stuffers. And I'm still out collecting. I have 2 dressers full of them, organized for maximum capacity. I'll try and upload a photo or two later on. Granted, I don't have any of the top notch brands, such as Abena, Bambino, or SDK but I think I still have more than enough, with stuffers, to be just fine for me.

    I hope to be more active here, looking forward to talking to all of you more often!


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    I envy you that you can be that open living in your family situation. When my mom discovered my stash, she sent me to a psychiatrist. I guess times have changed for the better, thank goodness.

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    Well, she was originally in that mindset, due to issues that happened to her during her childhood, but my dad was understanding, surprisingly, and was able to mellow her out. Like I said, it's pretty much a "out of sight out of mind" thing

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    Seems like many people coming back (incl. me) lately. Anyway welcome back, hope you'll enjoy your stay

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