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Thread: Sonic fun? or ruined?

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    Default Sonic fun? or ruined?

    I just saw gameplay of sonic boom which looked awful from the start but now that I saw the way it was makes me think I hope sonic franchise isn't ruined forever because this looks more like a little kids game since Cartoon Network helped it, and they altered the characters to make them look weird. Knuckles looks taller and his voice deeper? Sonic's voice is deeper? I liked the original games such as Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure 2 battle, Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) but now it feels they are getting a little bit more kiddy verse. :p I think I'm going to be sick because sonic has always been a rad thing for about everyone even me. I would raise my tail of excitement when Sonic passed a stage swag-like but now it's just gotten weird :/

    Does anyone still like the sonic series or do you think it's ruined? My opinion...It's somewhat ruined and idk if they can make a comeback.

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    I lost a lot of respect for Sega after Sonic Adventure 2. I love SA2, but the games that followed were awful. Heroes was okay, Riders was a sad attempt at the kart racing gene. Sonic the hegdehog for 360 and ps3 were lacking in unique style. The graphics were great for the time. Sonic generations was a great look back at what made Sonic great at one point. Only a different note Tails is my favorite character in the series.

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    I keep hearing comments "sonic is getting older what do I expect," but when you take it down THAT level it's a whole new war.

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    Personally I enjoyed Sonic the Hedgehog 4. It was a nice return to the 2D side scrolling style of the earlier games while bringing the kind of gameplay and effects that they could only have dreamed about back then.

    The big thing I thought they nailed in Sonic 4 is the rapid barely in-control twitch gameplay when you get sonic going really fast, which again is very reminiscent of the earlier side-scrolling games.

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    I just couldn't stick with Sonic 4. I played through the first few acts and then lost interest. It pains me to say it, as I fondly remember getting Sonic (the first one) when it hit stores in 1991, but I just don't think the formula of the series has aged well.

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    I have thought the Sonic games are going downhill. I have lost interest in them and Sonic 4 was a rip off IMO, they just used the same bosses and levels and remained then and made them different. Also the special stage was a spin off from Sonic 1 special stage. They couldn't come up with any original. I was also disappointed on Sonic Pocket for Neo Got Pocket Gear. Also ripped levels from the previews Sonic games and used the same songs. I did like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance but didn't like the 3rd one. Sonic Rush is okay but didn't like the second one. But yet i continue getting the new ones. I rent them from Gamefly. I also have the all star racing game and the transformed game.

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    Sonic 4 was good, Episode II was better. Sonic Generations was pretty great when it came out. Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed is one of the best kart racers out there and shockingly it's PC port is amazing (Possibly the best of the ports!) Good and bad Sonic games happen, it's life.

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