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Thread: Diapers being used against you

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    Question Diapers being used against you

    Hey I was thinking about some stuff and;

    What if you were arguing with a friend or wife and as to get people on your side they say something like this; "Why should we trust/believe someone who wets their pants and loves to wear diapers, clearly something is mentally wrong with you."

    Although this seems like a stupid reason to use in a argument it can whim people over to his or her side of the argument.

    What would you say back in a situation like this?

    I was thinking maybe for them to actually prove it has any physical harm to anyone, but people are extremely stubborn and you would need something more deep then that.

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    First off, of someone ever did that, you should seriously think over why you associate with that person because that is an incredibly mean and spiteful thing to do.

    Second, the correct answer from the rhetorical perspective is to ignore it. You point out that it's irrelevant and does nothing to address the logic of your position.

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    hehe... someone tried to use that against me when i was going through the denial of my gender dysphoria because i felt like i was being ignored... they dared tell me that my ABDL lifestyle was a show of lacking maturity and naiveness and that I couldn't be expected to be responsible for my own life.... I firmly made them go fuck themselves because I was the one living on my own, with my wife, and traveling whenever i wanted to ~ as opposed to them having mountains of debt, living at home with their parents, using SCHOOL LOANS to pay for petty materialistic items or non-needs, and also being older than me and still holding onto bullshit high-school driven ideals...

    yeah... ok, IM the immature one. Whenever people dare use my little lifestyle to dictate my ability to be responsible, I swiftly bring the hammer of truth down on them... They want to be dicks, i'll tell them the truth, and the truth HURTS very often and leaves a slight stinging as it slowly starts to heal. Ugh...

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    well thats purely an Ad hominem attack, literally an attempt to attack your character rather then the topic of discussion, perhaps you could say that?

    Ad hominem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    The closest situation I had was when my ex-wife had came by to drop off my daughter. I had recently started seeing someone and my ex yelled into the house, "he wears diapers" I guess to through her off. In reality it just gave me a reason to talk about and introduce it to my girlfriend. My ex also told some of her co-workers that I also sometimes work with just so they would understand why she left me. Well that didn't really matter to them much as they didn't really care.

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    If my partner or good friend were to say that with some kind of malice towards me, I'd be pissed but the most that would come out of my mouth is "I'm extremely disappointed you said that." If they are good people they will apologize. I don't let that kind of thing fly with me though a lot.

    If it were anyone else being a jerk like that, I honestly wouldn't be saying anything back.

    I'm rather glad I don't know anyone that would actually do such a thing to me though. Those types don't tend to hang round my neck of the woods for very long.

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    I always use diapers against me. They don't work any other way! :P

    Quote Originally Posted by bugguy6970 View Post
    The closest situation I had was when my ex-wife had came by to drop off my daughter. I had recently started seeing someone and my ex yelled into the house, "he wears diapers" ...
    She yelled that in front of your daughter?!?!

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    I could see it being employed either as a joke or in an argument in the heat of the moment but I would hope no one I cared about would stick to it in the latter case when called on it. I think we can make ourselves vulnerable to this kind of reaction more when we don't good adult function going. In that sense, we're likely to be held to a higher standard by those who know, since the average person with the same problems (lost job, a couple bad decisions, etc.) might be more likely to get a pass as it wouldn't appear to fit a pattern of immature behavior.

    If your final response to a big life problem is to suck your thumb and wet yourself, I think there's a fair justification in discounting your maturity. If it's part of a functioning whole, there isn't much of a leg to stand on for criticism.

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    Over the years, I have read a number of posts written by men who got divorced. Sometimes the diapers caused the divorce, sometimes they were a symptom of something deeper. But the most disturbing thing is when I read the posts of men who lost custody of their children in the divorce because their ex-wives outed them as AB/DLs and convinced the judges they were perverts.

    We must never forget, no matter how normal we feel while here, that the world sees us quite differently, and people fear and vilify anything odd or different.


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    RMS, I've been terrified of the same thing. When my wife and I get into heated arguments (always away from the kids) and things get ugly on both ends, she will sometimes attack that side. Always fear that if things are wrong for too long and divorce occurs, that she would do the same in court to gain custody of the kids.

    Here's to hoping it never comes to that...

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