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Thread: Fulfilling a fantasy

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    Default Fulfilling a fantasy

    I know this is a bit controversial and before anyone gets up in arms I want to state quite clearly that I am not into flaunting my Diaper fetish at all, in fact I'm some what insecure about the thought of people seeing my Diaper and plus I strongly believe that no one should ever be made to feel uncomfortable just so someone else can get some kind of kick or sexual gratification.

    This is something personal and I have wanted to do it for a very long time but never had the guts to go through with it, but this feeling is becoming stronger and I don't know how to deal with it.

    So what is it?....well for the most part I have enjoyed wearing Diapers around the house and even out in the garden as it's well secluded, but I want to experience more freedom when it comes to wearing Diapers.
    The one place I have all ways wanted to experience (Diaper freedom) has been on a quiet beach, just the thought of sitting on the beach wearing only a Diaper has fascinated me for a long time and I really want to fulfill that fantasy, but without being court or placing myself or anyone else in a awkward situation.

    How do I go about making this fantasy a reality in the safest way possible?

    Has anyone else experience (Diaper freedom) of this level and how did it go for you?

    What precautions did you take to keep yourself and others safe?

    Like I said this is not because I want to flaunt my Diaper fetish to the rest of the world, I just want to experience a little bit more freedom when it comes to being Diapered and it seems like a quiet beach is the best place. *Monkey*

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    Buy a private beach But seriously, maybe some place away from your house so you don't have to be self conscious? Maybe at night, during the summer so you don't get cold... Or just go to one of those abandoned beaches that are lying around... Best of luck

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    I went out on a hotel balcony overlooking a beach a few times wearing only a diaper. I was on the 4th or 5th floor so it wasn't impossible for someone to see me and so I kept an eye out for anyone who might be staring in my direction. Once I was seated I doubt anyone could tell what I was wearing. I don't consider myself an exhibitionist but, like you, I do enjoy that feeling of freedom.

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    I will give you my full opinion/story.

    I have been a DL since I was 13 and always stared at diapers till I guess I grew out of them at the age of 14 1/2. I read AB/DL stories and they faded away. At the age of 18 after a reminder of a book I read it again and all these emotions came back to me and before I could realize I guess I was a DL. I wanted to live that experience and stop being a guy that sticks out of the crown w/out and rules of trying. It can be risky without getting caught but if they know then it's not so bad but that's even more riskier without them knowing what they are going to say next.

    For Plastic and Cloth babies here they love any kind of experience 24/7 half the time when they have free time/other half have to wait. I see where you are going I can tell you my safest way possible but it might be different from ya. This is how I got into my experience.

    I wanted to wait till I graduated since I have my mom living with me I bought a $30 Gift Card to Amazon, then researched which diaper was a good starter (I was not about to buy any crappy Depends) But I only had options of Tena Slip Maxi or Abena's so I chose Abena, I chose a company that allow's free shipping (Which their boxes are discreet) I would draw eyebrows to the house so I decided to put down my best friends address that he knew I was a BF and waited for him to get it. Then I offered him to come over next time and I got the box conveniently my mom wasn't home so I went into another bedroom, cut the box open and bot a pack of 14 and shoved all of them into my bookbag. It was a decent size but the bag was very bulky so I had to fit a few into my underwear drawer >_< Now whenever I feel like I have time to myself and I know my mom works even thou they are very discreet I just throw one one late at night and sleep with it on, I also have proper clothing on so it draws blanks to everyone's heads. It also helps expressing your feelings to your best friends. 7/23 of my friends I told and so far they all have accepted me.

    I have had very high levels of experience like going out in public to like restaurants, Beach I hope so one day, and chilling at home playing my Xbox 360/PS3, etc...

    A diaper is nothing as bad as Drugs/ over usage of alcohol but sometimes a family will not listen and you can't argue which I hope I don't get caught one day. Some parent's are like "Are you a baby now???" or "Are you Incontinent?" there is sometimes little to no use of arguement with family. Maybe if one day they argue with you and don't listen to you. (You probably live home by yourself and you could mean out in public but it can be the same. It also helps to have swim diapers if you want to go out swimming \^^/ )

    You can experience it anywhere just plan where your going or if you don't have a care in the world then just live with it. No one should have anything to saw about your personal business because it's not the end of the world. (I think I went off topic there)

    I got a few sexual kicks out of them when I wake up in the morning sorry if I am saying this but it can make a diaper very uncomfortable for men when they have Incredible hulk speaking out in the morning. Other times it's not used for that purpose but people have their own diaper desires.

    I wish you the best in luck I hope I helped ya Monkey *even if you stuffed a banana up my nose last week ^^*

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    I would actually love to be diapered on a beach one day too. Just go to a secluded beach where barely any people go and you should be fine, don't know where you are but if you were in Miami, i'd tell you to go to Pompano beach or Jacksonville, totally secluded beaches where you'd be lucky if you even saw more than 2 people in 5 hours.

    The most freedom i've ever experienced was either at the munches i go to every month, in my balcony every now and then, and one time when i played water balloon fight with a couple of friends, i was just in a swimsuit and diaper :P and it started raining eventually lol one of my most littlest feeling times ever <3

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    You could rent a boat. Unless ppl come really close to you they won't be able to tell.

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    This isn't a thing for me but it is for a good friend. It's a balance to find a beach that's sufficiently remote to not be crowded but not to require a boat or a helicopter to reach (unless you happen to have those handy). I found one that was sufficiently long that we could see anyone coming for 5-10 minutes away even if jogging and had cover of large rocks. The beach itself could have been nicer but I think it was possible to make a reasonable effort that no one was going to have to deal with this. If someone wants to snoop with binoculars or a telescope, I guess they could tell that it wasn't a swimsuit but I really think that's more on them than us. This can be done but it takes some forethought and planning to do it if you're inclined to be sensitive to others.

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    I do know of a beach that is some what boat or helicopter needed.....but the thought of being court is holding me back, but there again it's the one and only diaper fantasy I have, so one part of me just wants to go for it and enjoy it, but the more grown up side of me is telling me it's a bad idea.

    I guess I need to ask the question, does the reward outweigh the risk? I just want to experience being out in the open wearing only a Diaper like a little kid would, I mean even wearing around the house makes me feel little, so being on the beach wearing only a diaper would be extremely exciting if it go's according to plan.

    Thanks for your replies....if anyone else has and tips or a story/experience of Diaper freedom then please do share.

    Ps should be happy that I stuffed the banana up your nose and not some where else >.<

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    You know, when you say it's the one fantasy you have, I'd bet the reward does outweigh the risk. Even if you got caught out there, so what? If it's a stranger, it's not likely to be a big deal, they're not going to walk up and start questioning you, they'll probably just leave. If by some insane fluke it's somebody you know, well, so what? It's your one fantasy. Just tell them it's something you really wanted to do once and you decided to do it. Most people will respect that, whether they think it's weird or not.

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    That's my biggest fear if a stranger starts questioning me or worse a family walks by with kids. It's my fantasy so there for personal only to me I don't want to get court and be chased off the beach by an angry mob with pitchforks, I don't expect people outside the ABDL community to understand so that's why I haven't fulfilled this fantasy of mine yet, but I think your right the reward would outweigh the risk, I think my biggest problem is that I don't deal with embarrassment very well, I know that some people like to be humiliated and each to their own, but that's not for me.
    I am a somewhat shy person IRL so this would be a big deal for me.

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