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    Great show, or greatest show?

    I love this show... so, so much. For those of you who are not aware of what it is, it is basically a show consisting of hour-long episodes, that happen in real time. There are 24 episodes a season, and each season is considered a day.

    So the season that just started yesterday, season 7 - is considered "Day 7".

    The plot is always changing, and it is absolutely paramount that you've seen mostly every episode to really understand what is going on, generally. But it follows the life of Jack Bauer, a government agent as he basically kicks some serious terrorist ass. It's got action, emotion, plot-twists... so... so many plot-twists.

    Anyway... for those of us who KNOW and love the show... what is everyone thinking of Season 7 so far? I thought last night's two episodes were pretty kickass... and I'm thinking that TONIGHT'S two episodes are also going to be kickass.

    Thoughts? Or am I alone here?

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    The first season I saw was like...Day 4 maybe? I don't really remember...But I liked it...My favorite one is with the nerve gas, but that's pretty much the last I watched...I did watch some of the season after that, but not as much...And I haven't watched any since...I just couldn't get into it I guess

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    I've watched bits and pieces of it. Never seen an day through from begging to end, usually because the plot is so difficult to follow. It's always really fun when I do watch it, but I can't really be bothered to watch it all the time.

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    It took me a long time before I sat down and go to watching 24. I was watching the first season on DVD while the sixth season was airing.

    However, now that I've gotten into it (I've seen all 6 seasons and am watching the new one), it's become one of my favorite shows. You really do have to watch it starting from the beginning, IMO, to get the full experience. This is particularly true because the first two episodes of the first season were just kind of meh to me, but after I watched the third, fourth, and fifth episodes...I was hooked. So, it takes a little while to get going, but once you get into it, it can become addictive.

    So far the new season has been pretty good, but it always takes a while for the seasons to get going.

    If I had to rank the seasons:

    1st: Season 3

    2nd: Season 1

    3rd: Season 6 (Most people absolutely hate season 6, but I really enjoyed it)

    4th: Season 5

    5th: Season 2

    6th: Season 4 (This was the only one that I thought was just "pretty good" as opposed to "really good".

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    Season 3 was the best so far but the 4-6 were meh.

    This new season however seams to be getting back into the swing of things. Maybe since they are laying off middle eastern and what not. That stuff did get a bit boring.

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    Jake, you and everyone else know it's the greatest show. Come on, get a grip. There is a HUGE plot twist in the next 2 episodes, I saw them online. You may not see it coming. I won't tell you anything that has to do with it though. See for yourself!

    So far, this season is awesome. I hope it stays that way!

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    My favorite seasons definitely go in this order:

    "Season 5"
    "Season 2"
    "Season 1"
    "Season 3"
    "Season 4"
    "Season 6"

    Not that I thought Season 6 was terrible... but it could've been a lot better.

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    I've only seen Season 1. I liked season 1 a fair bit, I just havn't got around to borrowing the DVDs for the rest of the seasons yet. I did watch the first four episodes of season 7 though and really liked it.

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    So far this season has been pretty damn good... I'm liking this a lot.

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    i did watch sesong 2, but then i fell off. Still, there is something i allways though was kinda strange. No one has to like, go and pee. It's like they hold it until the day was over or something :P

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