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    So some asshole at the cigar shop I smoke at got ahold of my phone and found some abdl videos. At first I got all defensive but it all stopped when I said "it was some weird ass porn, and what porn I watch is my fucking business."

    Still at the shop. Dignity mostly intact.

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    I keep my phone in my front pants pocket. If someone gets a hold of my phone, he's copping one major feel! Always protect your phone. Maybe you should have burned his hand with your cigar when he reached for it.

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    Passwords, Lock-screens, etc... that is what they're there for.

    Whilst I keep no porn or very private picturers on my phone I've got a lot of business stuff on it.
    The phone is fully encrypted, can be remotely wiped, wipes itself if someone bothers to enter the decryption code a few times too often, is fully backed up and has a lock screen.
    Sensitive data is double-encrypted.

    I guess it would not keep a pro-hacker or the NSA & Co out, but it certainly keeps a thieve or some arse from getting my valuable data.

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    Congrats on your quick thinking and in keeping your cool. After saying that, I'd have prolly laid the guy on the ground... :P

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    I think you handled that about as well as you could have. Approaching things with confidence (or as much confidence as possible, given the situation) instead of shame and embarrassment usually downplays the weirdness of whatever just happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomethingNotTooDark View Post
    Congrats on your quick thinking and in keeping your cool. After saying that, I'd have prolly laid the guy on the ground... :P
    That was my gut reaction. But its an unspoken rule that everyone at the shop - myself included - carries a weapon

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    Sucks that it got found, but I guess things could have been worse. Sounds like it didn't turn out too bad. What's funny is that I protect my cell phone too. You only get to see what I want you to see policy. I hate nosey people.

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