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Thread: newbie ;)

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    Default newbie ;)

    hello everyone!
    i have been a member of this site a long time ago and have been inactive since. so here i am, saying hi again to everyone


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    Welcome! Good to have you on the site!

    Could you tell us all a little more about yourself so that we can get to know you better?


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    Hey there Brooke, welcome back were you not here when adisc banned under 18's?

    And yeah tell us more about you.
    For instance...
    Favorite color?
    Music you like?
    Favorite pizza topping?

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    Hi Brooke! I don't recall you but... I was inactive myself for months though until recently... =P Welcome back!

    Like what other had said, please tell a bit more about yourself. =)

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    We are many who go inactive for a while. I did too, a few years back. So,welcome back, So per the song, consider yourself... one of us.

    Consider yourself at home.
    Consider yourself one of the family.
    We've taken to you so strong.
    It's clear we're going to get along.
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