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Thread: diaper fetish seems to be dominating my sexual side of things.

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    Default diaper fetish seems to be dominating my sexual side of things.

    i haven't been in a relationship for over 4 years as i'm very shy in real life and have aspergers syndrome (a mild form of high functioning autism) and never seem to get chatted up when out with my friends. plus been told that i'm ugly by a few ppl which hasn't helped how i feel about myself.
    haven't had sex for even longer, like 6 years now.
    u would think someone would want me, especially being bi, u would think i'd have more choice, but no....

    so wearing, wetting, masturbating in and sometimes messing diapers is the only thing that replaces the sex and comfort side of a relationship for me. otherwise i would be gagging for sex and a bf or gf by now.
    altho i been fascinated and turned on by diapers since i was like 9 or younger. can't remember that far back in detail tho.

    however i have other fetishes, but over the last few years diapers seems to dominate them all, so if i don't wear a diaper or look at someone wearing a diaper or imagine them wearing a diaper, i can't get off.
    so in the future when i get a bf or gf, they would have to wear or accept that i wear around them.

    the annoying thing is the diaper itself i'm most attracted to. so i hope when i have a relationship the bf or gf doesn't get pissed off with most of the attention towards my and his/her diaper.
    that may be a problem, but for now it ain't whilst i'm single.

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    This fixiation might just solve itself when you have your next sexual relationship. It sounds like you are losing hope to ever find somebody to be in a relationship with, and so it might also become uninteresting to fantasize about (diaper-)sex with other people because it seems unrealistic to you.

    I'm not good with giving advice, but if I were you I'd possibly try to talk to more people. The worse you are at doing this the better you will feel for little things like saying hello to a shopkeeper or doing some smalltalk on the weather in the shopping queue (older people are usually a good first target because they aren't as stressed out as other people and tend to like to talk)

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    I wouldn't be so worried about diapers dominating your sex life. For many people, fetishes such as diapers are more like a replacement for sex with other humans. Chances are that you'll forget about the diapers once you find a new partner and have 'proper' sex. If you're all that worried, however, you should consider looking for a one-night (or few-night) stand just to prove to yourself that you can still do it properly.

    And as far as the dating part is concerned: The probably is probably the shyness then, although from what I understand, autism/aspergers makes it hard to read other people's emotions properly, so maybe the other people you met did fancy you all along, but you just didn't pick up on their signals and they, in turn, assumed you weren't interested. Maybe you should try to explain your autistic tendencies to other people more openly so they understand that you may not always get the subtle communication that surrounds human dating. And if necessary, just flat out tell them that you have an interest in them, although that'd mean shaking some of your shyness.


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    Are you worried about not having "regular" sex because you want to have it, or just because not having it seems "out of the average"?

    This is where my questions stems from:

    Quote Originally Posted by zakrawr View Post
    if i don't wear a diaper or look at someone wearing a diaper or imagine them wearing a diaper, i can't get off. [...] the annoying thing is the diaper itself i'm most attracted to. so i hope when i have a relationship the bf or gf doesn't get pissed off with most of the attention towards my and his/her diaper.
    I ask you this because I can sorta understand your position. You make a big deal out of not having had sex for the past 6 years... I haven't had sex for the past... 26 years!

    Like in your case, I attribute this lack of sex drive towards human beings to having been sexually stimulated by diapers since a very early age, to the point that I find the whole idea of vanilla sex quite boring. What the hell, the whole world seems to be lusting for that, I'm too special to loose my time bothering for something so inflationated!

    I believe that people are naturally inclined to act towards their desires, and in my personal experience a lot of of the times I was finding difficult or unnatural to go towards something it was because that was not what I really wanted.

    Then, everyone's different, and the best advice I can give you is to move towards the direction that makes you feel more comfortable. It's not a job or a project you have by all means to get done in some specific way, this is completely up to you, and the fact that you're looking for a "diaper-compliant" significant other does not make you any worse than anyone else. Or, rather, it makes you more unique and - although I guess this doesn't count if said from a DL perspective - more interesting than the average guy who's only looking for vanilla sex.

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    I hope we DL's can still like and want normal sex. Need to get some sex havers on this thread so we can be informed.

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    So I think this is an interesting post. I am 21 years old in in a relationship with an amazing girl for 2 1/2 years now. Our sex life is really amazing, even though we only have sex once a week if that as we are both so incredibly busy (she is in medical school and I am a senior at uconn, work at ibm full time, and own a company). Besides the point..

    As a DL, while our vanilla sex is fantastic and is fairly fulfilling, I often feel a profound lack of complete happiness due to the fact that I really want diaper sex! I told my gf when we first started dating and she has been willing to try, but I simply have not summoned up the guts to actually do it! However, I wear to bed every night with her and during the day whenever I want which helps me fulfill that side of me.

    The point I am making here is that even if you are in a relationship that is sexually fulfilling, you may still find yourself lacking in the diaper side of things. I think when you do find the right woman for you, she will be accommodating enough to try diaper sex, or at the very least have your own fun with it.

    I on the other hand will finally be trying it with her (where she wears a diaper too, we have plenty of sex with me wearing or at least foreplay with me in them) very soon. And when that happens I will let you know how it goes for sure.

    I am kinda nervous though at the same time cuz I have no idea how it will work logistically lol..Any help is appreciated.

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    Oh here we go.

    I am 16 and also have aspergers syndrome. I have been in one relationship with a younger girl and I did feel a connection with her. It lasted only two weeks but I did feel a connection. This was when my *b/dl side was at a low. Nowadays I get turned on by doin it all in diapers and don't have that kink that I had in my relationship with girls anymore. It is a hard thing to go through as it also interferes with my judgement of my sexual orientation. My aspergers is in my control as I have been able to develop from my former social problems. In my opinion I see that although I am not fully attracted to women as I wish to be, I have he social stability to live off of it. He'll im 16. It is Gain a hard thin to go through and it is something I also have to look for in my future.

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