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    Just clicked on the site, the last two posts are one about someone wanting to wet the bed and someone who is celebrating being dry. We are a strange bunch!
    as for me, It took me 16 years to become dry, and now i would like to be able to sleep wet but only in a nappy!

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    Yes, we are a strange bunch.Even as somebody who likes wearing nappies myself I think that what I do is rather oddball.Not bad, just unusual.Sometimes when I have time to reflect on myself I do think I have a weird life.

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    Well, when you look at certain aspects of society, you see that everything is strange, they're just the majority with the same oddities :P

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    It can be quite a "Grass is always greener on the other side" thing. The IC's really would like to spend a night dry, and the non-IC's would like to spend a night wet. We are a rather odd bunch all right.

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    Same here, Even though i love my diapers and would give them up for the world and i seem normal enough wearing them, i still think of myself as being an oddball for it among other stuff. I'd like to wet nappies at night for sure, even if it meant a wet bed occasionally, but idk if id want to be wet every night.

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    I saw those two posts and had the same thought - it is indeed a strange old world.

    As for us being an odd bunch - given that this site is aimed at adult babies, diaper lovers, incontinent people and even has furries thrown in for good measure, it's not that surprising that things can get a little bit weird! That's what makes it fun!

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