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Thread: E-Cigs or personal vaporizers

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    Default E-Cigs or personal vaporizers

    Do you use an E-cig, E-Hookah, Personal vaporizer, E-pen, or "MOD"?
    If so what kind do you use?
    What flavors are your favorite?
    Is it a means for you to quit?
    Basically any opinions you have about them, and feel free to ask me questions.

    Ill post my response later I have to go pick someone up from work.

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    Personal vaporizer. E-cig is a joke, it's called a vaporizer, e-cig is just a marketing move so people will associate it with tobacco and use it as a way to quit smoking. I don't use one, but a friend of mine uses a modded Tesla, and he didn't do it to quit smoking. He quit smoking and then thought he could give it a try. It's more of a hobby for him than anything. He also makes his own liquids and he is a member of a lot of vaping forums

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh, and he likes most flavors I think, except vanilla

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    Unfortunately even though I agree, if you Google vaporizer you wont find what you are looking for. Actually Personal Vaporizer works pretty well in Google.

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    I use a iTaste MVP 2.0 with a Kangar ProTank v2.0. Right now I'm kind of poor and doing nothing but mtbakervapor juices. At 6mg now but working my way to 3mg. I know you get less a throat kick with low nics, so I got menthol flavored juice to try to help that situation. HOPEFULLY after doing 3mg for a month or two I'll try to quit altogether. I don't wanna vape for life. It was only to quit regular cigarettes, and it worked like a charm.

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    I know a few people including me that used e-cigs to quit smoking. It works for some people but not everyone.

    Mine is a vapor X e-cig which uses the liquid solution.

    I also own a desktop vaporizer made by Viva La Vape, but we won't twill about what I use that one for.

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