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Thread: Goodnights sizing?

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    Question Goodnights sizing?

    So I was curious about sizing for Goodnights. I always read about people talking about wearing Goodnights diapers for kids, but I've checked out the sizing and it recommends a max weight of 125 lbs. How do some of you adults fit in them? I can safely assume that most of you aren't petite women(for obvious reasons lol), so what am I missing? I'm 5'11" and 200lbs with a 36in. waist if it matters. I look forward to hearing from you guys!

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    I'm just a little smaller than you at 5'10, 185, and capable of wearing them. I don't just mean lounging around either. To get them on, run your hands down into the waistband and give it a few stretches outward. I find the hardest part is getting them around my quads.

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    It really all depends ( pun intended ) on your build, but from what Iv'e heard overall is that for the most part wearing one with a 32 or 34 in is even stretching it . I looked into getting them, and got some girl goodnites in that size a few years ago, for myself I fit ( barely ) I was a 30 in waist then . Having said that I would believe by comparison when putting it on it would be like putting on a pampers size 7, stretching it and using some duct tape to fasten each end .

    Hope this helps ! Pamperedyellowone

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    Beyond the tight fit and low rise, GoodNites (and UnderJams, and Pull-Ups, and Easy-Ups) all have a super-narrow crotch -- a good deal narrower than even a baby diaper. There just ain't room for a guy's fully-developed "junk," so you'll probably end up with gapping issues right where you don't want them. If you are small enough in the hips/waist to stretch into these, caution is still advised when using them.

    UnderJams are smaller, but a good deal stretchier. That said, the sides are weaker, and some people find that they tear. Strangely, though I have a 38" waist -- and 44" hips (where the diaper actually lands) -- I've been able to wear UnderJams without issue for hours. But, again, the narrow crotch issue is the killer. If I don't run my finger down the leak guards and position them just so, and then go very slowly, I'll have an accident.

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    As for how I fit in Goodnites, I weigh about 125 pounds, so they actually fit me somewhat correctly, though I find stretching baby diapers is better because they hold more.

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    I think the OP is too big to make practical use of them, I would say try a small pack of them anyway. Worst case you rip the sides off and use them as stuffers in adult diapers.

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    I weigh 185-190 lbs. and have a 35" waist. I can squeeze into GoodNites, but they're uncomfortably tight, and they look ridiculous. The sides are all stretched out, and the back of the GoodNite does not come close to fully covering my rear end. I wouldn't dare even trying to wet one.

    Trying GoodNites was a total waste of $15 for me. Save your money, and buy something designed for people our size.

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    Well Goodnites for the most part as some have said are for youth, kids who will not be expected to exceed 110lbs.

    Generally for the adult community I tend to suggest Goodnites for anyone around 30" waist since anything beyond that on Large will just make it fit like some kind of odd thong that is just trying to break itself. If you do want to try something stretchy I would suggest Underjams but from personal experience they just dont really compare to Goodnites considering thier hold is adequate at best and they do tend to be smaller than their Huggies counterpart.

    (Also leak guards, even if you do manage to squeeze into them you gotta make sure the leak guards will actually work or you're gonna be looking at a wet seat/bed/floor)

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    I fit into Goodnites because I have a skinny waist and normally weigh between 120-130 pounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dadbro92 View Post
    So I was curious about sizing for Goodnights. I always read about people talking about wearing Goodnights diapers for kids, but I've checked out the sizing and it recommends a max weight of 125 lbs.
    current Goodnites/drynites are designed for up to age 10. the currently stated maximums of age/weight originate from the original versions which were larger than the current; the current ones are actually a slightly modified (in the cut of the elastication) 7-10 years model of the original version.

    Attachment 21131
    in the pic, B is the current design, albeit without prints; A is the original 7-10 years size and C the 10+ (10-15 years).

    even on the target age-range, the current version doesn't fit properly (with the waistband at the waist).

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